7 Frugal Tips for Moms ...


7 Frugal Tips for Moms ...
7 Frugal Tips for Moms ...

Currently, I am expecting my first baby, so I thought it would be fun to share some frugal tips for moms I have picked up along the way! Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences, but it can take a toll on your wallet! There are certainly ways to keep from spending all of your savings though, so with that thought in mind, please continue on for some fantastically frugal tips for moms!

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Make Your Own Products

Making your own household products is on the rise! It’s certainly one of the most frugal tips for moms out there, since products these days are so expensive. Among the things you could try making yourself are laundry detergents, soap, dish washing liquid, cleaning products, and baby wipes. Recipes are available online if you search for them. If you aren’t into making your own products, then you can research what items can be re-purpose around your house. For example, coconut oil makes a great moisturizer for you and baby, and vinegar is an excellent all-natural cleaning solution for your bathroom and counter tops!


Swap with Other Moms

Instead of going out and buying new clothes when your children outgrow all of theirs, set up a swap meet with other moms! Each of you can bring items you no longer need or want for your children, and you can each leave with new clothes for your children! This same tip applies to babysitting. Swap out with other moms to get free childcare with trusted friends!


Don’t Buy Unnecessary Items

The baby market is probably one of the biggest fields that make the most money these days. There are so many gadgets that advertisements push on you and tell you that you MUST have for your baby. In reality, babies need few things for the first year or so of their lives. Clothing, blankets, bottles (if you bottle-feed), a car seat, a safe bed, and a few other items of your choice is really all that’s necessary to start out with. Before making purchases you aren’t sure of, talk to trusted friends and relatives to ask what they found useful with their own babies.


Get Rid of Your Home Phone

Home phones are an unnecessary expense if you have a cell phone. Why not cut your home phone, so you can put that money towards diapers and formula or other items for your baby? You most likely use your cell phone more anyway, so it’s really not a loss when you think about it. Give it a trial run at the very least! If you don’t like it, simply re-connect your home phone.


Shop at Thrift Stores

With the prices of buying kids clothes brand new these days, it makes sense to check thrift stores for better deals! Try to watch for steals like bag sales or $1 sales. These are the best days to really rack up! Yard sales are another great place to find super prices on kids clothing, toys, and other items for baby and toddler.


Nix Your Cable

Many people hold onto their cable simply because their kids like to watch certain shows each day. With Netflix, DVDs, and the Internet at our disposal, you should be able to find ways to let your child watch their programs without paying $100+ per month for cable! Try to limit TV time, especially in the summer. Go out for a walk or play outdoor games with your kids to entertain them instead!


Rotate Toys

Kids seem to get bored of their toys so quickly! No need to keep buying more to keep them entertained, instead, start a rotation process! Divide all the toys up into several containers, and put a couple of them out of reach. After a few weeks, swap out the containers. Toys that haven’t been played with in a while become “brand new” again, and keep your child entertained for a bit! This doesn’t apply to certain “favorite” or “special” toys of course; those can be left out all the time.

What do you think of my frugal tips for moms? Would you do anything differently? When it comes to your children, you have to do what you feel is best for them! Please comment below with your own tips and tricks for being a frugal mom without skimping on the necessities in life.

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I decided to try to make my own products. I am a SATM of 2. I make my own wipes from Viva paper towels, water, baby wash, oil and lotion. My son has sensitive skin but no longer has a prob since I started using these. Also online yard sales are amazing for saving money and getting rid of your own children ws clothes.

Great tips! I have 5 children and I have bought some of their clothes at thrift stores, yard sales and also brand new at department stores. You just gotta have the patience and good eye for good clothing at affordable prices wherever you buy it at. And I have saved several boxes of my older kids good clothes and my younger one now fits into them :)

Cable?? Really I don't think that is a good idea. Other wise yeah it's ok advice.

Don't agree with the cable and you have WAY less time on your hands to make all your own products when you are actually a parent...

cutting off cable is definitely a good idea our bill was coming in to almost 200$ we took it off got the basic channels box and kept the internet we're now saving money and can still enjoy certain shows and movies online for free.


In your area there might be a toy library too which I'm a member of our local one its $70 per year

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