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8 Ways to Stretch Your Beauty Budget ...

By Jordin

Looking for ways to stretch your beauty budget? Beauty products can get expensive and if you’re a girly-girl like me, then you love trying out new products! I’m always trying to figure out ways to stretch my beauty budget and get more for my money. Here are the best ways to stretch your beauty budget that have worked for me, and I’m sure they will work for you too!

1 Quality over Quantity

When trying to find ways to stretch your beauty budget, always remember to choose quality over quantity. Cheaper products and product lines can offer you more for your money, but when you consider how long the product lasts or how well it does its job, you are probably losing money and getting nothing for it. It’s better to buy one or two pricier nail polishes that last a week without chipping than it is to buy 5 cheap polishes that chip off the same day. You may need to spread out your trips down the beauty aisle using this method if you are on a very limited budget, but it’s worth it in the end! You’ll have a nice collection of quality makeup and beauty products that will last you for a while!

2 Splurging versus Saving

There are some products out there that are very costly and can add up quickly. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you need to buy high-end salon products, or if you can make do with the drugstore brands. There are some salon products worth splurging on, because they do their job well, and last awhile. On the other hand, you may find that you like the drugstore versions better! If you want to try out a high end product, and find you love it, then stick to it. Just refrain from buying anything else until your next paycheck in order to stay on budget!

3 Sales and Promos

Here’s a great way to stretch your beauty budget! Go shopping when your favorite stores and websites are having sales or promos! You can normally get some really good deals around the ends of seasons (summer, winter, fall, and spring), so keep your eyes peeled during these times. This tip applies for any types of beauty products. I once bought two complete sets of my favorite body wash, lotion, and perfume from a store I love for the price of one set, plus a few other things were in my bag! Sales are a girl’s best friend when on a budget!

4 Swapping out

One of the things I like to do is swap out my makeup and beauty products. Every few weeks or so, I take the lotions, body sprays, hair products, and makeup items I’m currently using and stash them in my closet. I’ll pull out others I have stashed in there from the last couple of weeks and start using those! Many times, we buy products out of boredom and not necessarily because we actually need more lip-gloss or whatever we’re buying. By changing up what you use and look at every so often, you can refrain from getting too bored and spending more money!

5 Pass It along

Here’s an easy way to get new products and get rid of ones you don’t love anymore! Host a swap with some of your friends. Each of you can bring products with at least half or more left and switch out with each other. Remember hygiene rules and don’t swap out mascaras or eyeliners. Wipe down any lipsticks or face products with a tissue, and only swap with trusted friends you know well. Another idea is to join makeup swap sites, like Again, these same rules apply!

6 Avoid Trending Crazes

Sometimes, when a new product comes out, it can become a crazy trend! Every one is talking about it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and ads are popping up everywhere, making you want to buy it! Be skeptical of products that cost a bit and promise extraordinary results. I fell into one of these traps once and spent a lot of money I couldn’t get back. Wait a while until the craze dies down for a new product before trying it yourself and always read reviews first. This can save you a bit of money on your beauty budget!

7 Buy Multi-tasking Products

This tip is a money saver and a time saver, so it's great for moms, or people who have to get ready in a hurry! Try to buy multitasking products when possible. Some of the multitasking products I use are scrubs/masks, nail polish/topcoats, shampoo/conditioner, and lipstick/lip-gloss. Find what works for you, and stick with it!

8 Save Your Receipts

There are times when we have to try out a new product, either by curiosity or maybe your old one just isn’t doing the trick anymore. If you are apprehensive, save your receipts! Most stores will take back a product if you have the receipt and exchange it for you. Just don’t use half of the product before deciding it isn’t for you! You may not get to exchange it if more than a little is gone.

These are my own tried and true tips and of course I’m always learning as I go! What are your go-to tips for stretching your beauty budget? Please comment below, I always love to hear from my readers! Thanks for reading!

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