7 Ways to Use Grocery Coupons Effectively ...


7 Ways to Use Grocery Coupons Effectively ...
7 Ways to Use Grocery Coupons Effectively ...

There are several simple ways to use grocery coupons effectively. Most people are interested in saving money. However, some don't know how to get the most out of coupons. Coupons can be used for practically anything from groceries to clothes. But oftentimes, they are used to save money at grocery stores. If you need a way to reduce your grocery bill, here are seven easy ways to use grocery coupons effectively.

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Look for Coupons

Before you can learn ways to use grocery coupons effectively, you have to look for coupons. Coupon clipping is extremely tedious, and for some people, the savings aren’t worth the effort. However, this could not be further from the truth. With enough coupons and a little patience, you can enjoy amazing deals and significantly reduce your weekly grocery bill.


Don't Limit Yourself to the Newspaper

The Sunday newspaper typically has an abundance of coupons for local grocery stores. However, the newspaper isn’t the only place to find savings. Visit a manufacturer’s website and download printable coupons. You can also check your mail for weekly coupons, as well as the back of food packages and canned goods.


Sign up for Discount Cards

Practically every grocery store has a discount card which gives you the opportunity to increase your savings. With this card in your wallet, you can enjoy member exclusive discounts, such as two-for-one deals. Discount programs are free to join. Simply submit an application at checkout. And the best part, you can combine grocery card discounts with a coupon.


Double Coupon Days

Do you want to maximize how much you save with coupons? Rather than grocery shopping on the weekend, shop at other times during the week and take advantage of double coupon days at your local grocery store. These days vary by grocery store, but typically take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday. If you have a coupon that lets you take $1 off an item, you save $2 on a double coupon day.


Coupon Match

A grocery store may print and mail their own coupons. However, you do not have to shop at this particular store to enjoy the savings. Some grocery stores, such as Walmart, will match any competitor's coupon. Simply present the ad at checkout and the cashier will honor the coupon.


Compare Coupon Savings with Generic Brands

Using a coupon doesn't always guarantee the most savings. Sometimes, you can save money by simply buying the grocery store’s generic brand. For example, you might have a coupon to take $1 off a name brand cereal. But if you check the generic version of the same type of cereal, this everyday price may be cheaper than the coupon. Always compare prices and go with the lowest option.


Swap Coupons

In all honesty, you may not find the coupons you need. Join a coupon club or get together with friends and swap coupons. There are also websites specifically for coupon swapping, plus you can sign up to swap coupons by mail.

There are several ways to save a buck and keep cash in your household. Clipping coupons may not be the most exciting activity, but it's a practical and simple way to lower your grocery bill and save money. What tips do you have for using coupons?

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I want to start couponing!! Just didn't know how thanks!!

I think the most CRUCIAL point is to check coupon policies frequently at the stores you shop at, read the fine print on the coupons

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