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9 Ways to save Money at the Grocery Store ...

By Jordin

Grocery shopping is something we must do once or twice a week, so it’s no wonder that most of us are always trying to learn ways to save money at the grocery store! There are a few tried and true tricks, like using coupons and making a list, but here are a few more ways to save money at the grocery store that you might not have thought of. Read on to discover what they are!

1 Only Buy Groceries

As inconvenient as it may sound, this is one of the best ways to save money at the grocery store. Only buy GROCERIES. Paper products and toiletries or household items often run anywhere from 40 to 90 cents higher in a grocery store! Buy these items at a discount store or a pharmacy, where you will get better prices.

2 Avoid the Ends of Aisles

The aisle ends are set up with tempting treats and snacks, and most of the time, the prices of these items are hidden, or not displayed well. That’s because store manufacturers know that anyone who is paying attention won’t pay six dollars for a little bag of crackers! Keep your shopping mainly to the inner aisles and you will save quite a chunk on your bill.


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3 Plan Meals before Shopping

Making a list before you head out the door is a great plan. However, don’t make a list of what items you are out of. Instead, make a menu plan, and then list the items you need to make the meals on your menu! You can look in your cabinets to see what you already have on hand to make some of these meals. You may save up to 40% on your grocery bill by following this tip!

4 You Can Deviate from Your List

While it’s a good idea to stick to your list as closely as possible, there are two rules you can bear in mind. You CAN deviate from your list. If you remembered something you forgot to put on your list, no need to leave without it! And if you notice something that you use often is on sale, then stock up!

5 Buy More Beans

Meats are expensive. So here is a way around spending so much on meat. Buy more beans! They are tasty, filling, and nutritious, and much less expensive than meat. You can use them in soups and stews, serve them as a side, or puree them and use them to thicken casseroles!

6 The Freezer is Your Friend

I love stocking up on things when they are on sale for a good deal, especially when it’s something I know I will use for my family. Don’t shy away from buying dairy or bread products when they are on sale if you are worried about spoilage. You can freeze these items for up to six months!

7 Do Your Own Grating

Pre-grated items often run more expensive than whole items. For example, cheese or carrots come in their whole forms or in grated forms. You get more if you buy the whole form, and for a cheaper price! So invest in a grater and grate your own items.

8 No Processed Foods

Follow this rule at the grocery store to save money: no processed foods! It’s harder than it sounds, but it’s better for you AND you save money. Try to buy fresh fruits and veggies, fresh dairy products, even fresh meats. You will be surprised at how much you can save on your bill when you knock out the processed foods!

9 Pay Attention at the Check out

When possible, you should watch as each item is rung up at the register. Many times, things that are on sale will ring up at the regular price due to register issues or a cashier who wasn’t paying attention. Just gently point it out, and the cashier should change the price for you without a problem!

It's worth repeating the age-old saying we all hear about not going shopping when hungry. On a full stomach, you won’t be tempted by all the yummy looking snacks, thus enabling you to avoid impulse purchases! What are your own tips for saving money at the grocery store?

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