9 Ways to save Money on Cosmetics ...

Who wouldn’t want to save money on cosmetics? Many of us are feeling cash-strapped but we can’t face the world without our face on. Even our basic make up items can put a dent in our budgets for looking good so if there are ways to reduce the outgoings but still look and feel great, it can’t be a bad thing can it? Here’s 9 Ways to Save Money on Cosmetics

1. Only Buy Items You Need

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That might seem obvious but so often there are many items bought that are not needed. Foundation and powder will be the first ones to consider omitting as they will not be necessary if the skin is fresh and bright. If it is too much to give up both then alternate them and decide which one you feel happier about not wearing. There is no need to wear make-up all the time so why bother wearing it if you are popping out to the shops or just lazing around the house?

2. Does Price Determine Quality?

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Look at your favorite items in your makeup bag and then try and find a cheaper alternative. Drugs stores and supermarkets carry cheaper brands and it may be possible to find the same color at a cheaper price. It will not always be the case, but quite often different products are made by the same manufacturer and the only difference is the packaging and price. Don’t stock up on items unless they are on offer as very often there will be coupons or 2 for 1 offers and others at a reduced price.

3. Log on and save Money on Cosmetics

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There are plenty of companies that will have discount products in their online store. With lower overheads they can offer customers a reduction in price. Don’t forget that online auction sites are a terrific outlet for just about anything so check them out but do take care to not be fooled by fakes and consider hygiene issues of secondhand items.

4. Let Someone else Research for You

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Price comparison sites can be really helpful when you want to save money on cosmetics. They will compare different stores and publish the prices. This means all you have to do is log on and find the bargain you are looking for.

5. Sign up and Sit Back

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If you don’t mind receiving quite a few newsletters in your mailbox then signing up to the different cosmetic websites will be a good idea. They can let you know when there are special offers and which stores have them. There may be coupons to be printed off or introductory prices for new products they have produced and this will really help you save money on cosmetics.

6. Ask and You Will Receive

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A lot of department stores will give out free samples and the most you may need is to sit through a makeover. If you don’t mind other shoppers seeing you being made up, the store often give you samples of the products they have used. Cosmetic reps will also be a good source of freebies. They may be just small samples but they will be fine for a few uses. Careful not to be suckered into buying a load of expensive products after the makeover though; you won’t save money on cosmetics by taking the freebies but spending $50 on the foundation they just applied. I know this is really cheeky, but hey, sometimes needs must – if you’re savvy, “schedule” your free makeover the day you have a big date or occasion event to attend.

7. Fetes and Fairs

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It is quite likely that it may be possible to pick up some nice items at a garage/car boot sale or the school and church fete. An unwanted gift may turn up there and in some cases even if it has been opened there is no reason why it will not be a good buy. Avoid pre-used lipsticks, eye shadows and mascara but all other items should be fine as long as they have been looked after.

8. Share and Share Alike

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If you have the same taste as friends you could share with them and save the really expensive products for special occasions. It will be just as easy to share the discounts, as a 2 for 1 will only cost both of you half the proper price and you all save money on cosmetics.

9. Bargain Bins

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It’s great to have the latest line or the trendy new product from the latest sensation but make up is as much about how you apply it and wear it as it is about the product and often more so. This means there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying cosmetics from the bargain bin. It may be last season’s line but if it’s the right color for you or you know how to blend it with others to get the up to date luck, then it’s a bargain.

I hope this has list of 9 Ways to Save Money on Cosmetics inspires you and that you never pay full price again. There may be other ways that you can think of, so please let me know if there is a way I have missed.

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