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8 Extreme Couponing Tips ...

By Heather

Couponing Tips are so important to follow, especially if you are thinking about becoming one of the many 'extreme couponers' out there. Before the show 'Extreme Couponing' I never thought that coupons could save me that much money. Ladies, I'm serious – coupons are not something to joke around with. I just started to lightly coupon this week and I have to tell you, there are tons of couponing tips that I should have followed before I went to the store! Don't worry though, I got your back – just follow the top 8 couponing tips and I promise, you'll be saving a ton of money in no time at all!

1 Start a Stockpile

If you have ever water the Extreme Couponing show, you already know what a stockpile is. A stockpile is actually a pile of things (everything from makeup to toilet paper) that you get free or at very little. A stockpile is a necessity in the extreme couponing world because you will save more money the more you buy (sounds weird right?).

2 Get Familiar with Coupon Policies

When I went to the store, I had absolutely no idea that my local store did not double coupons and had special restrictions on internet coupons. This is honestly one of the best couponing tips that everyone should follow if they are going to start couponing: know the policies. If you just call your local store and ask, they'll give you the lowdown on what you can and can't do.

3 Use Match-ups

There are tons and tons of sites that can help you match up your coupons to the current sales going on, that way you know when you can save the most money. My favorite is She actually does videos, has printable coupons and really gives you everything you need to start saving money! She's the ultimate couponing tips lady!

4 Be Organized

You may see all of those ladies on Extreme Couponing printing out spreadsheets and having the list down to the letter and you might think it's crazy – it's not. I went to the store this past weekend with about twenty coupons and let me tell you, I wish I was more organized and that I had actually created a spreadsheet. It's easier and will get you in and out of the store quicker.

5 Pay Attention to Expiration Dates

A lot of stores won't accept coupons after they expire, so make sure that you are checking on the expiration date. Sometimes, with internet coupons, it can be a little tricky because not a lot of them have a clear and visible expiration date. Once the coupons are expired – toss them out! You don't need to clutter up your coupon bible with that.

6 Shop at More than One Store

I used to think that my dad was absolutely insane for shopping at multiple stores (he used to go to at least 3 different ones every Sunday) but now I get it. If you shop at more than one store, you can take advantage of all of the sales that they have going on. This is one of the most valuable couponing tips that I can give you, don't stay loyal to just one store, shop around!

7 Join a Loyalty Program

Kroger and Stop & Shop are just a couple examples of loyalty programs out there that you can sign up for. Typically, these programs are free and they are a great way for you to save a ton of cash! You can actually load coupons from the store's website right on your card too, so they are taken off when it is swiped at the register!

8 Stock up during Sale Time

I've talked and talked about finding all of the sales – what do you do when you find them? You stock up! This is couponing tips 101 y'all! You want to make sure that whenever there is a great sale, you are buying a ton of product and taking advantage of the deep discounts!

These are just a few of the couponing tips that I have tried and that have worked for me. I love couponing, not only does it save you money but it's actually a great feeling that you walk out of the store with money still in your pocket. What couponing tips do y'all follow? Any tips that I can snag from you? Share 'em!

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