7 Tips for Living on One Income ...


7 Tips for Living on One Income ...
7 Tips for Living on One Income ...

Learning different tips for living on one income can help you survive a job loss. There is nothing pleasant about losing your job, and layoffs typically occur without warning. If you have several financial obligations, you may question how to meet your responsibilities. You don’t want to risk a repossession, a foreclosure or damage your credit. Don’t panic. If you find yourself without a job, here are seven tips for living on one income.

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Need tips for living on one income? Do everything in your power to prepare in advance. Even if you and your spouse don’t plan on quitting your jobs, preparing for a financial crisis can help you stay financially afloat. How do you achieve this? Diligently build your personal savings in preparation for a job loss. Additionally, get disability insurance while you’re still working. This can provide income if you stop working due to an illness or injury.


Only Use One Car

If you or your spouse become suddenly unemployed, reevaluate your need for two automobiles. Two cars can equal two car payments, a higher car insurance bill, more personal property taxes as well as additional fuel costs. Going back to one vehicle can save money and free up cash for other bills.


Move to a Cheaper House

Maybe you like the idea of staying home. But if your current monthly expenses are based on two incomes, consider selling and moving into a cheaper home. A lower rent or mortgage payment can make up for lost income, allowing you to stay current with your expenses, and perhaps save a little money.


Reassess Your Budget

Write out your monthly income and current monthly expenses. Living on one income calls for sacrifices. You may have to reduce the number of vacations you take, limit shopping and cut back on entertainment. Determine where you spend money frivolously, and develop a plan to save more of your earnings.


Don’t Charge

If you’re living on one income, it may be tempting to charge items, such as clothes, groceries and entertainment. This is one way to keep up with your previous lifestyle. Understand, however, using credit cards to pay for things you cannot afford will complicate your situation. Rather than free up cash, you’ll spend a lot of your disposable income paying back creditors. Give up credit cards and use cash.


Earn from Home

If you can’t find a job, create your own job. Think of ways to generate extra income from your home. For example, start a home daycare service, clean office buildings in the evenings, freelance write or turn your hobby into a side business. This measure may not generate a lot of extra income, but it can certainly fill-in financial gaps and keep you afloat until you secure new employment.


Look for Cheap Ways to Enjoy Family Fun

Living on one income doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun and activities. But in this case, you have to get creative and choose your entertainment wisely. Check the local newspaper and you may stumble upon many free activities in your local area. Go to a state park, have a picnic, attend a free concert or go to a museum.

Living on one income can be challenging, especially if you’re used to having a lot of disposable income. Don’t let this discourage you. It takes time to adjust to less money, and if you decide to stay home indefinitely, making sacrifices can help with the family finances. What tips can you offer for living on one income?

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Love that you wrote about this! We're a one income household, although I do work from home doing various things, in order to bring in some spare cash here

Growing your own fruits and veggies is another great way to save money (and eat healthy).

This was great! I recently got married and we are following many of these tips so we can save!

Cut coupons! You can save literally hundreds. Don't forget manufacturers coupons as well.

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