7 Tips on How to save at Outlet Malls ...


7 Tips on How to save at Outlet Malls ...
7 Tips on How to save at Outlet Malls ...

Outlet shopping is literally the best way to find cute fashions and accessories, but if you don’t know how to save at outlet malls, you might sell yourself short. I can’t get enough of outlet shopping - it’s the perfect way to stretch my dollars and fill my closet on the cheap. Even with already low prices, there are ways to enjoy greater savings. Here are seven tips on how to save at outlet malls.

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Family and Friends Connection

Need information on how to save at outlet malls? Do you know someone employed by an outlet retailer? If so, you might enjoy additional savings with their employee discount. Discounts vary by store, as well as the guidelines for using an employee discount. But if your purchase is eligible, ask your relative or friend to make the purchase on your behalf to knock a percentage off your final price.


Sign up for Shopping Clubs

Premium Outlets and Tanger Outlets both have shopping clubs. Pay a small fee and you’ll gain access to exclusive promotions and deals from stores throughout the outlet mall. You’ll also receive a coupon book upon enrolling in the club, plus coupons delivered to your inbox. It’s the best way to get a discount on top of already low prices.


Buy off-Season

Like regular retail stores, outlet stores have final clearance sales. What does this mean for you? Shop during the off-season and you can find amazing deals on last season’s fashions. In other words, purchase your summer clothes in the fall, your fall clothes in the winter and your winter clothes in the spring.


Get Alerts from Individual Stores

In addition to joining an outlet mall’s shopping club, you can sign up and receive specials and deals from individual outlet retailers. For example, Coach Factory Outlet has an email club. Participants receive exclusive email invitations to online sales, as well as coupons for in-store purchases. But there’s a catch. You often have to visit the store to join the email club.


Call and Ask about Sales

Don’t make a random trip to an outlet mall. These retailers have periodic end-of-season blowouts, final clearance sales, as well as holiday sales. To get the most out of your trip, call retailers in advance and inquire about future sales. Thus, you can shop when prices are reduced and save big.


Flash Your ID

No, I’m not talking about your driver’s license. But if you’re a AAA member or active military, you might be eligible for additional discounts. Participating retailers don’t always advertise these savings, but if you ask the cashiers about member discounts, they’ll take a percentage off your purchases. Discounts can range from 10% to 25% of your purchase.


Follow Your Favorite Stores

Maybe you don’t want a bunch of email messages flooding your inbox. Not a problem. You can still enjoy bonus discounts from your favorite outlet retailers. Simply locate your favorite retailer on Facebook and Twitter and “like” or follow their feeds. You’ll receive periodic updates on upcoming sales and other promotions.

Being a savvy shopper can save you money and create a more enjoyable shopping experience. Plus, why pay full price for clothes and other items when you can buy them for less? If you’re budget-conscious and want the most bang for your buck, outlet shopping is the answer. How do you save money at outlet malls?

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