8 Ways to Reuse Common Household Items and save Money ...


8 Ways to Reuse Common Household Items and save Money ...
8 Ways to Reuse Common Household Items and save Money ...

Knowing the best ways to reuse common household items is handy whether you are on a budget or not. Reusing items is not only thrifty, but it’s kind to the earth! This article will teach you 8 ways to reuse household items that you never thought of before. Take advantage of these tips, and you will see that you can save around $50 per month. Now that’s a nice thought! Keep on reading to learn how you can be frugal by reusing household items!

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Ziploc Baggies

This is something I’ve been doing for years. I hated paying for a new box of baggies to only throw them away, so I started washing them out and letting them air dry. Now, I get three times as much use out of them! Don’t put them in the dishwasher though, as they may clog it up. And toss out a baggie that has had meat or dairy products in it.


Shoebox Organizers

You should never pay for plastic organizing boxes when you can have them for free. Just use your shoeboxes! I’ve never thrown out a shoebox and my closet is very well organized for it. Smaller boxes allow for more detailed organization. This is one fabulous way to reuse household items! The only exception would be if you need a very large plastic tub for something.


Old Tires

Have you recently changed the tires on your car? Don’t toss them out! Old tires can be used to make a fun tire swing in your backyard for kids to play on. You may need some help making sure it’s securely fastened. And old bicycle tires can be re-purposed as well. Use them as cute décor in your flower garden or to stable a climbing vine. Ultra chic!


Worn-out T-shirts

Why pay for cleaning rags? That’s one concept I’ve never grasped! All you need to do is cut up old t-shirts into rags. The soft material is great for cleaning any surface! It even works on glass. This is one way to reuse household items that can really pay off since cleaning rags wear out so quickly.


Old Toothbrushes

Those hard to reach areas when cleaning can be a pain, but if you save your old toothbrushes they won’t be anymore! Old toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning tight areas like drains, faucets, window frames, and vents. Just dip them in warm soapy water and scrub away! I love this idea for reusing household items!


Egg Cartons

This is one way to reuse household items that can be a lifesaver. No one likes to open their Christmas storage only to find a majority of his or her ornaments broken and crushed. Use old egg cartons to store your delicate décor in this year! Another great use for egg cartons? Freeze portion sizes of cookie dough in them for cookies on a day you don’t have time to mix the dough.


Empty Dish Soap Bottles

Here’s a tip for reusing household items I just discovered recently and love! When you use all your dish soap, wash out the bottle and save it. You’d be surprised at the uses for dish soap bottles! Use them to fill pots with water for cooking or soaking, or to water plants, refill dog dishes, and much more. You can even put pancake batter in one for perfectly shaped pancakes!


Cute Dresses

We all have that favorite dress that we hate to throw out even though we’ve had it forever and it’s a bit outdated. Don’t feel bad! Use it to make a cute scarf. You’ll always have a piece of the dress with you, and a brand new, fun clothing item! You can even make a headband out of it if you’d like.

Reusing household items isn’t as difficult as you thought! Each of these items is something that most of us have lying around the house. No sense in paying for something to take its place when you can just implement these ways to reuse common household items! I love being creative and frugal with my money. If you have any ways to reuse common household items, please comment below; I’d love any new suggestions!

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