8 Tips for Saving Money with a New Baby ...


8 Tips for Saving Money with a New Baby ...
8 Tips for Saving Money with a New Baby ...

Tips for saving money with a new baby can be a new parent’s lifeline! If you’re living on a budget, like most average income families, then you’re going to need to be in the know about what areas to scrimp and save on when you bring that little bundle of joy home! There are plenty of un-tapped resources for saving money with a new baby, and since knowledge is power, read on! You will soon know plenty of ways to save money with a new baby that you might not have considered before.

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Save Now, Spend Later

Sounds like a crazy method, but when you think about it, this tip for saving money with a new baby makes a lot of sense. Babies need very little when they are young. Many items on the market are designed to look flashy and make you feel like a good parent. Don’t spend a mega-wad on every new baby gadget that comes along. Save that money now to put towards things you will need when your babies grow up a little. Shoes, clothes, school supplies, “big boy” furniture and other things can add up to a mini fortune!


Breastfeed when Possible

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to save money with a new baby. Not only that, but in it are so many other benefits, including bonding with your baby, helping you to lose weight, and your baby’s health in best interest. By breastfeeding you can save a ton on formula costs. However, breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, so don’t despair if it’s not working for you. If you want another area to save in and breastfeeding doesn’t work, try cloth diapers!


Know when to Splurge and when to Scrimp

Here’s a great tip for saving money with a new baby. Don’t always reach for the cheapest brand! Some items are worth the extra money. For example, diapers can be expensive, but when you compare how often you need to change the baby, and how easily the diapers leak, it’s often less expensive in the long run to go with the pricier diapers. But you CAN buy the store brand in other items. That will mostly depend on your preference and your baby’s skin type. Some babies can use the store brand of lotion and soap while others will break out. Find what works for you and your baby, and then stick with it!


Check for Freebies

One of my favorite ways to save money with a new baby is to always try to score freebies! Here are several ways to do that. Sign up to receive coupons in the mail. Most websites will offer coupons or product samples if you give them your email or home address, so check out the home sites for the products you use most often. Also, when leaving the hospital, ask the nurse if they have any coupon or sample packages you can have. Many times they will give you full size bottles of the products they used on baby when he was born or a pack of diapers. And ask your pediatrician too. I have a friend who would receive a can of formula every time she took her baby to the doctor simply because she asked what they had to offer! Don’t forget to find out if you qualify for programs like WIC or Food stamps.


Don’t Buy All at Once

One of the biggest mistakes new parents make is to think they have to buy everything for baby at once. Don’t forget, you will probably have at least one baby shower, in addition to all the gifts baby will receive from friends and family when he or she arrives! And you may find that little squirt grows so fast that you will never use the 136 pairs of socks you bought. You can save quite a bit of moo-lah by waiting to see if the baby likes the kind of bottles you want to use or is able to latch on to them properly. And always save receipts to return items that don’t work!


Make Your Own Baby Food

A few jars of baby food may not be very expensive, but over time it will add up. One way to save money with a new baby is to simply make your own baby food! Another great reason to make your own baby food is that you know what’s in it and what is going into your precious one’s stomach. All you need to do is steam your veggies of choice, and then blend them up to the texture that is right for your baby. Make a lot at once and then freeze the extras in dated Ziploc Baggies.


Go Second-Hand

Thrift store finds have been some of my best friends when it comes to finding deals. Instead of buying things brand new, check your local second-hand stores! You can find good deals on things like car seats, clothes, toys, and highchairs, even furniture! Just always make sure that you don’t purchase an expired or recalled item, and always sanitize and wash anything you buy prior to using it for baby.


Buy Transitional Items

A great way to save money with a new baby is to make sure you only pay for each big item you need once. Why pay for a high chair now and a booster seat later? No need to when you can buy a transitional item that pulls double duty! Check into cribs that turn into toddler beds, changing tables that serve as a dresser, and car seats that can grow with baby.

There you have it, 8 ways to save money with a new baby! As nearly any parent will tell you, it’s always best to be prepared if you are about to add to your family, so if you can save in advance, do it! Life doesn’t always happen according to plan though, so my best tip for saving money with a new baby is to prioritize. Decide what’s important, and buy accordingly. There may be times when you have to go without renewing your subscription to your favorite magazine in favor of diapers and wipes. It’s part of being a parent! What are your tips for saving money with a new baby?

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These are all great tips, thanks! I have an 11 month old and another due in 4 months, so I need to save anywhere I can! One thing though, car seats should only be purchased new or from a trusted friend/family member, because if they have ever been in any type of wreck, even if they don't look damaged, they can be sub par in protecting your little one if you get into a wreck. So PLEASE don't buy these from garage sales, thrift stores, Craigslist, etc, because you never want to put your child's well-being at risk for any type of savings.

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