9 Ways to Be Frugal during Pregnancy ...


9 Ways to Be Frugal during Pregnancy ...
9 Ways to Be Frugal during Pregnancy ...

How to save money during pregnancy is a great topic for new moms and experienced moms alike to research and be in the know on! We all love to save a dollar here and there, so I’ve come up with this great list of ways you can be saving money during pregnancy. Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but it can be expensive, so every little penny you can save will help out. Start by learning ways to be frugal while you are pregnant, and thus saving money during pregnancy! That’s more money you will have to spend on baby when he or she arrives.

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Maternity Clothes

Don’t rush out and spend a bunch of hard-earned dollars on maternity clothes. Instead, ask to borrow from friends and family. You will more than likely get more clothes than you know what to do with! If you must buy, invest most of your money in staple pieces that can be worn in future pregnancies, like a dark jean, a pencil skirt, basic colored blouses, and a lightweight blazer. Check thrift stores, and online sales as well as in-store sales. Also, keep an eye out for pieces that will pull double duty so that you can wear them while pregnant and after pregnancy. Dresses and shirts with empire waists or stretchy materials work well for this. Most women find all they need to do is go up a size or two from their normal size and the garment will fit great! You can then belt it in at the waist after pregnancy for a chic and cute style.


Birth Control

This one might be a bit of a no-brainer, but some women don’t think of this so it’s worth mentioning. Of course if you are pregnant you won’t be taking any pills, but there is also no need to pay for any other types of birth control. Provided you are in a committed, monogamous relationship, so that there is no concern of STI or STD, you are already pregnant, so no need to worry about preventing pregnancy. Ditch the condoms and spermicides, that’s one expense you can save! According to thebump.com sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe and normal so no need for concern.


Magazine Subscriptions

One way to save money during pregnancy is to avoid shelling out for magazine subscriptions. As a new mom, they can be full of advice and tips, but if you pay $20 for two or three subscriptions, before you know it there’s $100 right down the drain! There’s a wealth of information and support groups and forums available online for free so use that instead. If you like it the old school way and prefer reading materials, use your local library. You can generally check out magazines as well as books at most libraries.


Helping Hands

Don’t worry too much about trying to stock up on baby items. Between baby showers, your gift registry, and doting grandparents and well-meaning friends, you will probably have everything you need before baby arrives. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help the first few weeks after baby is born or if you end up on bed-rest before baby is born. Family members can help cook meals and do light housework to help you out. This will save you from ordering takeout or maid service.


What You Eat

Undoubtedly, as soon as you find out you’re pregnant you want to start eating better! Well, one of the best ways to save money during pregnancy is to eat more fresh fruits and veggies! Fresh produce is less expensive than frozen or canned produce, and you can often find it locally! Check out your farmers markets and flea markets, many times local gardeners will set up their produce stands at flea markets. And cutting out processed food and junk food will make your grocery list drop considerably in price!


Samples and Coupons

Do you know how to save money during pregnancy? Sign up to receive as many coupons as possible! Most companies will offer trial or sample sizes along with a coupon for their product if you sign up for their mailing lists. And you can receive many offers and coupons through email by adding your email address to coupon websites!


Make a List

As mentioned before, you probably won’t need to buy many baby items. But in the event that you do, you should make a definite list of what you need, then only stick to the list. Babies don’t need a lot, juts basic necessities. Don’t be distracted by the flashy gadgets that look cute but will never be used!


Order in Bulk

When it comes to prenatal vitamins, use this tip for saving money during pregnancy and order them online in bulk! Ordering in bulk saves you money in the long run because you can often get a discount the more bottles you order. That can add up to a free bottle or two over a few months so take advantage of that offer and stock up!


Don’t Go Overboard

When shopping for your new little one, it can be soooo easy to want to snatch up all the cute baby clothes you come across. Just keep in mind that babies grow fast and you may not need 367 outfits for the first 3 months of baby’s life. Your baby might even hit a growth spurt and skip a size altogether! So go easy on the clothes, remembering that there will always be another cute outfit down the road.

What a great list! These tips and ideas for saving money during pregnancy can really be a lifesaver if you apply them. Don’t forget the very best way to save money during pregnancy is to put it away into a savings account. Then you will have a nice little nest egg put away for a rainy day! Do you know how to save money during pregnancy? Please comment below with your top tips and how you save money during pregnancy!

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