8 Ways to Cut Your Commuting Costs ...

By Alison

8 Ways to Cut Your Commuting Costs ...

Finding ways to cut commuting costs can make a big difference to your budget. The price of gas and running a car is pretty high these days, and yet for many people it´s the only option for getting to work. So I´ve come up with some suggestions for cutting commuting costs. Whatever your circumstances, there should be something to suit - try these ways to cut commuting costs …

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Move Closer

One of the best ways to cut commuting costs is to cut down on the commute! Of course, moving can be pretty expensive, but if you´re looking for a new place to live, many people figure that it´s better to spend their money on living closer to work, rather than on transport costs. This also saves hours on travelling.


Car Share

Many cities have car sharing schemes, which are an excellent way of reducing your travelling expenses. If you are the driver, you can subsidise the costs of running your car by taking passengers, and if you don´t drive, you can pay to get a ride. Everybody wins – fewer cars on the road, quicker journeys, less pollution and cheaper travel.


Public Transport

If you´re lucky enough to have a decent public transport system where you live, then take full advantage of it. Costs vary, but it´s very likely cheaper than running your own car, once you´ve added up the purchase price, insurance, depreciation, gas …


Season Ticket

When using public transport, you can save even more by purchasing a season ticket. Check which of the tickets available is most suited to your needs, and see how much you can save. Obviously, buying an annual ticket is better value, if you´re confident of needing to use it for that length of time.


Pedal Power

A very healthy way of cutting commuting costs is to get on your bike! If you don´t have a bike, think of investing in one. This is of course safer in cities that support cycle networks, or if you have a rural commute. Don´t forget a helmet and clothing to make you visible.

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Be a Biker

Then there´s the other two-wheeled option – a scooter or motorbike! These are much more economical to run, and make the journeys shorter. They´re a great option for city commuting, and a bike is easier and cheaper to park.


Home Office

Probably the best way of cutting commuting costs is to cut the commute altogether! Your employers may allow you the option of working from home at least part of the time. Check out what their policy is; if they don´t yet encourage it, make a case by pointing out the benefits.


Flexible Hours

Finally, another option is to work flexible hours if you are able to. This means that you will be able to save money by buying cheaper tickets on public transport, or by using less gas when you travel at quieter times.

Getting to work can be very expensive these days, but there are ways to cut commuting costs. Or you can even cut them out altogether if you´re lucky (and enjoy working from home!). Any way you can reduce your expenses is bound to be welcome, so look at what you can do. How would you go about cutting commuting costs?

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