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Everyone loves a bargain, and hunting for yard sale bargains can be great fun. Imagine finding a gorgeous little piece that’d complement your home, that’s at a cheap price, with the possibility of your bargaining it down to be even cheaper! Haggling for bargains at yard sales can be a real thrill: a lyrical push and pull of prices between buyer and seller. It’s truly an art. So have a look at these 8 Secrets to Getting Real Bargains at Yard Sales to perfect your gift of the gab.

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Carefully Select the ‘type’ of Sale: Moving House or Old Home Sale?

This all depends on what kinds of goods you’re looking for. Moving House sales would typically sell larger unwanted items such as sofas, armchairs or other misc. furniture. These goods would also more likely be newer or have less wear and tear because the sellers’ main priority would be unloading them for their move. Old Homes would be most likely to sell antiques. So if you’re an antiques hunter, look out for neighborhoods that have older homes for cheap rare collectibles and vintage goods for brilliant yard sale bargains.


See a Painting? Examine the Frames, Not the Art

A lot of sellers may not realize how much money the piece of wood that borders an artwork is actually worth. Frames with intricate designs that are made out of solid material may be worth loads more than the cheap tag that’s attached to it. Keep an eye out for frames and you may find yourself a mini fortune.


Keep an Eye out for Old China

Vintage old china from the 20’s or 30’s may be worth a lot more than newer items. So you can find real bargains at yard sales if you can get hold of some good quality unwanted china. Also – if there is a set and you’re interested in a lot of bowls, cups or plates, ask for a bulk discount.


Appraise the Goods

One of the skills of getting yard sale bargains is being sure of not paying too much. Do yourself a favor and, if you have a smartphone, make a quick appraisal of the goods you’re interested in. Look on eBay to see what similar items are going for and try to barter the price down by comparing prices. Also use virtual appraisal software such as Valuemystuff.com. All you need to do is submit a photo and within 48 hours you’ll get an estimate of how much the item is worth.


Test Electronics

Second-hand electronics are always tricky. You pay the cheaper price for an item that wears down after use and time – but are your yard sale bargains duds that are on their last legs? If you’re looking for electronics, make sure you bring relevant things to test them with. For example, bring batteries to test the electronics work or a black light to check for any cracks or scratches that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Also, ask the seller to show they are working.


Find Vintage Costume Jewelry

Because it’s costume jewelry, many sellers may not realize what they’re actually worth. But vintage costume jewelry can be sold at a high value. You need to spot the ones with sturdy clasps and settings, and aren’t chipped or have any worn enamel. Also look out for cheap jewelry in precious metals. Grab yourself some real bargains at yard sales including broken gold and silver. The scrap value is so high these days you can sell it onwards to dealers in unwanted gold at a profit.


Focus on Buying Bigger Items

Bigger items such as kids’ bicycles are expensive new – but second hand ones from a yard sale that’s still functional can be just as good and save you a lot of money. Its items like these which make yard sale bargains brilliant. Gardening tools, fitness equipment and furniture may be cheaper at yard sales than online because you won’t have to pay for shipping costs.


Know What Not to Buy

Fabric or upholstered furniture and mattresses are clear no-nos. You never know what bed bugs or mold may be infested in these items, so buying them second hand won’t be worth it. Other items you probably shouldn’t buy are ones where their respective safety regulations may change regularly. These include baby equipment like cribs, car seats and car parts.

With some smart thinking and enough preparation and planning, you may be able to find yourself some brilliant yard sale bargains. Your neighbors will want to get rid of their things as fast as possible, so take advantage of this by buying things in bulk, at a discounted price, or hunting for their larger items first. You’ll be able to save yourself some big bucks and your neighbors do a big clear out, everyone’s a winner! We hope that our 8 Secrets to Getting Real Bargains at Yard Sales have given you some useful tips. What are your best bargains from yard sales? Please let us know.

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