7 Ways to Stop Blowing Your Paycheck the Day You Get It ...


7 Ways to Stop Blowing Your Paycheck the Day You Get It ...
7 Ways to Stop Blowing Your Paycheck the Day You Get It ...

There are lots of ways to stop blowing your paycheck the day you get it, but you might not like all of them. Saving money back is hard, as is curbing your spending habits. Maybe you can't afford to blow your paycheck but don't know how to stop. Maybe you can technically afford to go on a spending spree every two weeks, but really shouldn't. Whatever the case, use these ways to stop blowing your paycheck to keep your savings intact.

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Think about Why You Spend

Before you can even begin to try any of the following ways to stop blowing your paycheck, you need to think about why you spend in the first place. Are you a shopaholic? Do you want a lot of things that you don't need, or need a lot of things that you don't really want? Are you trying to stockpile while you can, so you don't have to shop for the next few weeks? Think hard about your motivations and put things into perspective. This is the time to admit to yourself that you have a little retail therapy problem, if that's the issue.


Tell Someone else about Your Problem

Holding yourself accountable is a great idea in theory, and with a lot of practice, it will come easier to you. However, if you really need to start saving more of your paycheck now, tell someone else about what's happening. Confess your spending habits to a friend, a family member, your spouse – anyone you trust. That way, you'll have someone else to hold you accountable for your spending habits.


Set a Savings Goal

Why are you trying to save money? You might want to begin an emergency savings account, or a nest egg. You may be saving up for a house, a car, or your child's college fund. Whatever the case, set a concrete goal. Sometimes having something to work toward will make saving your money easier.


Deposit That Baby

Each time you get your check, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, deposit it. If you get direct deposit, awesome. If not, make that the first thing you do. Don't take out any money right away; wait until you make a spending plan for the next week or two. By withdrawing cash for no real reason, it's way too easy to go through it and blow the whole thing.


Make a Weekly Budget

Now, go home, sit down, and make up a budget. Look at your necessities – bills, groceries, gas, and so on – and then look at the luxuries you usually buy. How much do you really need them? By putting what you need alongside what you want, and then adding in the ideal amount you want to save out of each paycheck, you'll see how much money you waste on things you probably don't really need.


Flash the Cash, Stash the Plastic

Now that you've got your budget set, withdraw the cash for those necessities. When you go to the grocery store or hit up the shoe store to get new sneakers for your kid, you'll have a set amount to spend. Leave your plastic at home – not just your credit cards but your debit card as well. You've heard it before, many awesome, savings-savvy writers here at AWS have told you: if you can't see it, it's easier to spend. You'll find it much more difficult to part with cash.


Save for Something Big

This is different from setting a goal. What's one big thing you'd like to buy or do? You can reward yourself for saving your money. If you'd like to take a vacation with your lover or even buy a really great pair of shoes, save up for it as you can; don't blow your paycheck all at once to get it. Saving over time will increase your patience and you'll make a habit of putting money back.

Even if you can theoretically afford to spend a large chunk of your check right after you get it, you should always put money back. Nest eggs are important and emergency funds are absolutely essential. How do you stop yourself from spending tons of money once you get paid? Share your additional tips with your fellow readers!

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