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The show Extreme Couponing has made everyone and their mother want to go out and grab ads, sit down, and cut out as many coupons as possible.

While coupons are an easy and effective way to save money, it can also be time consuming if you want to save the big bucks - and there are definitely other ways to save money without having to spend the day with a pair of scissors.

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We have collected 10 other ways that you can save money on what you need without cutting coupons.

You can save 3-50% using these methods alone!

1. Be Willing to Substitute

This is the first place most people get stuck.

Just because you have always bought Tide, or Bounty or another brand does not mean you have to continue to buy those items in the future.

Being willing to try new products that are on sale will help you save so much money!

2. Start a Stockpile

When you find an item on sale, especially an item you buy a lot make sure you buy enough to last you to the next sale.

Typically that’s 8-10 weeks in most areas.

So plan on having enough to last you for 3 months.2

3. Use a Menu Plan

So many people run into the store and buy what they β€œNeed” without even making a list or looking at what they have.

Start by making a menu plan based on what you have on hand.

4. Always Shop with a List & Use Cash

Whew, that’s 2 hard ones all at once but the reality is a list and cash set boundaries and force you to stick to a plan.3

This reduces the urge to walk into a store and just start adding things to your cart and research shows you can save a lot of money by using cash and shopping with a list.

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