More Important Things than Salary πŸ’° for People Who Want to like Their Job πŸ“… ...


It's important to consider salary when you are deciding your career path because it will partially determine what kind of lifestyle you have.

However, so much of your life will be spent on the job that you should really consider more than just paychecks when career-searching.

There are so many components that make a job good, bad, or somewhere in between that the decision can become overwhelming!

Here are a few of the most important factors you should definitely have in mind if you want to love your job.

1. Employer

Who is your employer?

Is your supervisor someone relatable, motivational, supportive, and kind?

If not, you will probably feel uncomfortable in your workspace and have more trouble learning how to enjoy your job.

It's also important to consider your employer on a larger scale.

If you're working for a company, make sure it's something you support that doesn't go against your morals and is making a positive contribution to the world.

2. Maternity Leave

If motherhood is in your future, you should definitely keep that in mind when job-searching.

Make sure your employer is understanding of the demands of motherhood and offers generous time off without any penalties.

3. Vacation Time

Maybe you don't want a baby, but everyone wants a break!

Make sure your job understands the importance of work/life balance so that you can avoid a workaholic's fate.

4. Location

A new job can be great motivation to move to a new place and start a new chapter in your life.

However, following a well-paying job to a city that you hate will only make the transition to your new life even more difficult.

Even if you are staying in the same area, consider the commute time.

Spending hours a day in traffic for a thankless job that gives you a fat paycheck can make you hate your job even more.

Friendly Coworkers
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