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The Most Common Interview Questions to Be Prepared for ...

By Andrijana

What are the most common interview questions?

We've all been to a job interview at least once or twice, and no matter how hard we prepare, we always seem to get caught off guard with certain questions. The worst ones seem to be the behavioral ones.

What is a behavioral question? It is a question that provides answer about your behaviors as a potential employee. This type of question is commonly used at job interviews because they help an employer see if a candidate is suitable for the job or not.

Here are the most common interview questions.

1 How do You Work under Pressure and What is Your Biggest Success?

This question can provide information about how you handle stress on the job. If you can work well under pressure, then you might be a suitable candidate for the job. This is probably one of the most common interview questions so be ready for it.

2 How Can You Handle the Challenge Imposed by the Situation?

People handle challenges in different ways. Some people accept the challenge and instantly take action. Others think through a strategy first, while taking into consideration various outcomes. The group you belong in provides clues to how you'll be as an employee.


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3 How do You Handle Stress?

The way you handle stress can provide clues as to how effective you'll be as an employee. Certain jobs require different ways of dealing with stress and your interviewer wants to know if you can handle it.

4 What is the Biggest Mistake That You Have Made?

If you're honest while telling you're biggest mistake, then it means that you are willing to learn from it and use it as a spring board for being a great employee in this new position you're applying for.

5 How Would You Describe Yourself?

This is the most common question of all. This is far more telling to an employer than any of the information found on your resume, CV, cover letter or application. Be honest, but play up the traits that would make you a good fit for the job.

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