5 Great Tips for Working from Home ...


5 Great Tips for Working from Home ...
5 Great Tips for Working from Home ...

If you’re one of the lucky people who can avoid commutes and dress comfy by working from home, you may sometimes forget that you are still actually working. That's why you need some tips for working from home.

Productivity can be an issue if you don’t treat your work-from-home position like you would any job which requires you to go into an office each day. Here are some tips for working from home to help you maintain your productivity and sanity.

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Set a Schedule

Are you a morning person, and afternoon person, or a night owl? The beauty of working from home is often that you can set your own schedule, so pick office hours that work for you. That means choosing the hours during which you will be the most productive. Working when you are at your best is one of the best tips for working from home.



Clutter is the thief of productivity. How much are you really going to get done if your eye keeps wandering to that precariously piled stack of paperwork or that coffee mug that’s been sitting on your desk since yesterday? Help keep yourself focused by cleaning, clearing, and decluttering your work area at the end of each day.


Invest in You and Your Business

You know the activities that best promote you and your brand. No matter if it’s writing blog posts or posting amazing content to social media, make sure to set aside the right amount of time to get it done.


Make the Main Thing the Main Thing

You know what you need to do each day, but keeping track can help you get each thing done and prevent you from neglecting what’s important. Whether you use an app or a good planner, make sure to keep a checklist of the things that need to get done each day. Bonus: Seeing things checked off as you complete them is a real boost.


Clock Your Tasks

If you’re like me, you sometimes sit down to do something and end up spending way too long at it. No matter if it’s checking email, taking a break from work to check your social media feeds, or doing a work project, set a timer to stay on task and know exactly when to move on to the next thing on your agenda.

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