How to Be Prepared for the 'Why Should We Hire You?' Question ...


How to Be Prepared for the 'Why Should We Hire You?'  Question  ...
How to Be Prepared for the 'Why Should We Hire You?'  Question  ...

It' time to learn how to be prepared for the "why should we hire you" question? When you are going for a new job, the thing that will be most anxiety-inducing is definitely the dreaded interview. No matter what kind of job you are applying for, the interview process will always be something that you need to prepare for and be as confident about as possible. One of the best ways to prepare for a job interview is to anticipate the questions and try to come up with some answers before you even get into the room. Of all of the things that potential employers might ask, one of the most perplexing is the age old ‘why should we hire you?”. If you are a shy person, it can often be hard to blow your own trumpet, so in order to help, here are some tips for how to be prepared for the "why should we hire you" question.

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Be Humble

Staying humble is one of the best tips for how to be prepared for the "why should we hire you" question. Don’t turn the question on the interviewer to make them feel like you think you are entitled to the job. The best way to attack this question is to remain as humble as possible. Talk about things like enthusiasm and work ethic over things like how much better you are than all the other applicants. Keep your feet on the ground!


Reverse Positions

Imagine that you are the interviewer. If you were asking the question of somebody else, what is it that you would want to hear? This can be a helpful exercise in preparation for the meeting because it will give you a helpful idea of the kinds of areas to completely ignore. If they turn you off, they are likely to turn your interviewer off as well.


Prepare Talking Points

One of the worst things that can happen in a job interview is a long, awkward silence. You don’t want to come across as too robotic and over prepared, but you also want to go in with some talking points already in your head in order to avoid the dreaded silence. Research the company or business and make sure that your answer relates directly to some of their key issues and values.


Brag a Little

It really is all about walking that thin line between being humble and unassuming but also getting across all of your most valuable assets, opinions and qualifications to the interviewer. To put it plainly, nobody loves a smartass. You might be good at the job, but you won’t come across pleasantly from a personal point of view and this is incredibly important in a face to face interview. Try to find a way to mention all of your best traits and achievements in a way that doesn’t create an air of superiority. You want them to hire you because you think that the company can enhance you as a person and you respect what they do, not because you think that you are entitled to the job or that they need your specific expertise!

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