8 Pro Tips for Working from Home like a Boss ...

By Lucy

8 Pro  Tips for Working  from Home  like a Boss ...

Are you trying to find some tips for working from home effectively? For most of us, working from home in our PJs is just a dream. If you are lucky enough to end up self-employed or are taking those first steps, here are some tips for working from home effectively.

Table of contents:

  1. keep regular hours
  2. build that network
  3. separate your work and home environment
  4. remember the legal stuff
  5. get dressed
  6. plan your time carefully
  7. be wary of distractions
  8. but take breaks

1 Keep Regular Hours

Not being in an office 9-5 can mess up your internal clock. It’s easy to keep working well past your bedtime, but this isn’t healthy. Set yourself business hours and stick to them. This can help you balance other things and is one of the best tips for working from home effectively.

2 Build That Network

As sad as it is, contacts are usually the way to get ahead in business. Not having that face-to-face may initially hold you back, so you’ll have to find other ways to build your network.

3 Separate Your Work and Home Environment

Not always feasible, but if you can, keep your work stuff separate from your home life. Keeping things apart physically can stop stuff spilling over mentally.

4 Remember the Legal Stuff

Chances are there’s a bunch of legal stuff you need to consider; from taxes to insurance and so on. You might already be ahead on this, but if not, look it up!

5 Get Dressed

Lounging around in your PJs may seem like a dream, but in reality, you’ll get little done. Get yourself up and dressed, and try to keep some sort of routine.

6 Plan Your Time Carefully

Plan what needs to be done and stick to it.

7 Be Wary of Distractions

Just because your boss isn’t watching you, doesn’t mean you can spend hours browsing Facebook or inviting friends over. It’s still a job. Don’t get distracted.

8 But Take Breaks

If you work at a computer, you’ll be feeling eye strain if you work nonstop. In addition, you have the mental and physical stress from working. Take breaks, take a walk, have lunch and give yourself a brief rest.

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