Extracurricular Activities That Will Make Your Resume Stand out ...

By Lydia

Extracurricular  Activities  That Will Make Your Resume  Stand out  ...

Are you looking for some extracurricular activities that will make your resume stand out? In an ideal world, you would always get that job you have been dreaming about because of your charming personality and appealing character at the interview, but in reality, there is always the pesky first stage of impressing someone with your resume. When it comes to writing down academic achievements, the likelihood is that your grades and marks are going to be the same as hundreds of other applicants, so the thing that can really set you apart from the rest can be found in the extracurricular activities section! If you are a forward thinking student who wants to get one foot ahead of the future career competition, then here are some extracurricular activities that will make your resume stand out.

1 Public Service

Any kind of public service is great for a resume, and you can tailor that to mean anything that you are particularly interested in or passionate about. You could build houses in a third world country or you could volunteer at your local homeless shelter. Whatever it is, it shows your potential employers that you have a selfless streak and are willing to lend a hand when people are in need. Public service activities are some of the best extracurricular activities that will make your resume stand out.

2 Greek Life

Stepping aside from the bad rep that fraternities and sororities tend to get in teen movies, having Greek life experience on your resume can often be attractive to potential employers. It shows them that you have already been part of a tight unit that engages with things like public relations and events planning, and it shows that you have the attitude to be a good team player.

3 Debate Teams

Experience with being on a debate team is attractive to companies because it shows them that you are someone who is confident with the spoken word and with presenting both yourself and your chosen case in an eloquent and impressive way. Being able to articulate yourself properly is a valuable trait in the working world, and is often the hallmark of someone who has the potential to go all the way to the top of the career ladder.

4 Clubs Related to Your Major

Employers like to see that you can make sensible and worthwhile connections between your studies and your free time, so for example, a journalism student that is also part of the student newspaper is always going to be more attractive on paper than one that simply sticks to attending classes. Having the enthusiasm and foresight to connect your extracurricular interests with your career interests is exactly the kind of attitude that people are looking for when skimming through resumes.

5 Peer Tutoring

Being a peer tutor will stand you in great stead in terms of your resume because employers will be able to see that not only have you achieved all of the required grades, but you have also had the time and conviction to help others along the way. This is the making of a true team player and leader, the kind of employee that every big company falls over itself to try to get.

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