7 Things to Look for in a Career for Women Who Are Job Hunting ...


7 Things to Look for in a Career for Women Who Are Job Hunting ...
7 Things to Look for in a Career for Women Who Are Job Hunting ...

When deciding which career path is right for you, there are several factors. Trying to decide what the difference is between having a job and having a career can be difficult. When you want to start a career here are ten things you should look for to make sure you are set up for success.

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When you come into a job at as an entry-level or mid-level position make sure there are opportunities to move up with the company. You do not have to move up within a year, but as long as there is potential to move up, then you can set goals. This way, you are not at the company for three years with same title and in a stagnant position. Knowing where you can take your career can help you in making sure you have the right foundation. For example, if you want to be an Executive Assistant you have to start out as an Administrative Assistant.



When deciding a career path which is right for you, another thing to consider would be stability. One of the key factors in building a career is having one which will last and take you through years of your life. If you are unsure whether or not you will even have the same job within the next year then it could not be the right career path for you. This can be tough to figure out and making a pros and cons list could be helpful.



If you have a face to face interview in the office try to get a feel for the office vibes there. If possible, you can ask them what do they like about working at the company? Trust your gut and if there is something that feels off about the company do not ignore that feeling. Researching the company online and seeing what past employees or customers have to say may also help you decide if you want to work there.



When getting a feel for the company you can consider whether they will be accepting to try new ideas or not? Creative work environments can feel less restrictive and more progress can be made. As a new employee you could have the chance see what works and what doesn't work so you need to have an idea of whether you can discuss improvement projects with your boss or coworkers.



This may be hard to control however you should know what you are signing up for in terms for commitment. One of the questions you can ask yourself about the is overtime optional or required? Or are you going to bring work home with you at night? These factors can put stress on you as an individual if your work demands are outside of your comfort zone.



While you may not be able to cut your commute entirely, when looking for a career you can consider how much time you want to spend in a car every day. Long commutes take time away from your personal life and leave you feeling stressed or tired. Think about if you could eventually move to another home or if you would want to continue to live in the same city.



While having a rewarding career means different things to different people ultimately, it is important that your career has a positive impact on your life. You want to be moving forward and upward with somewhere to go. This way you will not be jumping from job to job hoping something sticks you will be able to visualize long-term success. Having the right foundation for a career will help you feel secure with what you are doing and where you are headed.

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