7 Characteristics of a Successful Job Hunter ...


7 Characteristics of a Successful Job Hunter ...
7 Characteristics of a Successful Job Hunter ...

Looking for a new job is an intimidating prospect for most people. However, you can avoid a lot of stress and aggravation by assuming some unbeatable traits. Here are the 7 characteristics of a successful job hunter:

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Be Aware of Your Own Successes

Focus on all of your positives, especially what skills you have, what experience you’ve gained and how you would like to build upon these values. Make sure you only apply for positions that are suited to you and your goals.


Know Your Capabilities

Being aware of the natural progression of job roles will help you gauge what positions you’re suited to. Instead of experiencing failure by applying for jobs that are above your abilities, research salaries and job descriptions before applying. Similarly, don’t sell yourself short by applying for jobs that you’re overqualified for.


Organise Your Time

Make yourself a structured plan so you don’t end up wasting time looking for jobs in the wrong places. Spend this time making important contacts, sending applications and making sure you’re ready for potential interviews.



Keep track of your progress and your successes. If you keep falling at the same post, review the situation. Your CV may need rewriting or your interview technique may be a little weak. Also, don’t just spend time looking online, as you’re more likely to be considered for a job if you’ve built a professional relationship beforehand.


Ask for Help

There’s no shame in requesting help for friends and family members. They will be able to help you with mock interviews and they may even know where to go to find that ideal job.


Be Your Own Publicist

Your CV should be a fantastic reflection of you and your professional skills and achievements. Don’t just include anything, as employers will only be interested in where you’ve excelled and what’s relevant to the position.

Also, use technology to its full potential. LinkedIn and Twitter are great forums to build your professional profile online.


Have the Right Approach

If it’s not happening as soon as you would have liked, maintain the right attitude when it comes to job hunting. Don’t settle for a job that you aren’t satisfied with, as you’ll only end up back in the same position. Keep positive, and it’ll pay off eventually.

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