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How to Be Your Own Boss by 25 ...

By Sonya

If you are college kid right now or have only just recently graduated, then you might be feeling like you are never going to be confident or experienced enough to be able to be your own boss, but trust me, life works in wonderful and mysterious ways! You don’t always have to answer to someone else if you don’t want to. Making your way up the business ladder is all about having the right state of mind and determination. Here is how to be your own boss by 25.

1 Side Hustle

So you work a normal job for someone in your early twenties, but that doesn’t mean that you should be working on a side hustle at the same time! Work out something that relates to your true business passion, and take the time to cultivate that whilst you are making solid money doing other things. The harder you work at your side hustle, the more likely it is to become more than just a side hustle!

2 Less Booze

Clean up your act a little bit and stop partying too hard. They say work hard, play hard, but in these early stages of your professional life you will find that you can put yourself in much better positions of advancement if you aren’t coming in to work with a hangover on a Wednesday! Also, going out partying is a great way to burn through your bank account unnecessarily.


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3 Rise and Shine

If you aren’t already, you need to dedicate yourself to being a morning person. In all areas of business, the early bird definitely catches the worm. If you can be the first in the office every day and the one most willing to get started, then good things are destined to come your way.

4 Personal Brand

Use social media and professional business social platforms like LinkedIn to cultivate your own personal brand. If you can become a face or a voice in your field that everyone recognises, then you might be able to grow a following than can transform in to being the boss! Make sure that people know your name, but not in an unlikeable, superior way, more in a respectful, awe inspiring way.

5 Expert

No matter what you chosen field is, work on becoming an expert voice in that field rather than just a contributing worker bee. Sure, you want to be seen as steady and dependable, but there comes a time when you are going to have to step out of the line of workers and make yourself an authority in your professional community.

6 Be Patient

This kind of success isn’t going to come to you overnight, it is something that you have to be patient for! Bill Gates didn’t become Bill Gates in a week, neither did Steve Jobs, neither did Elon Musk. It takes hard work and dedication and an ability to be able to see the bigger picture rather than only the next few months.

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