How to Ask Your Boss for Flexible Working ...

Sonya Mazzari

How to Ask Your Boss  for Flexible Working  ...

Sometimes in life, your circumstances change in such a way that you have to really face facts and admit that your full time working hours aren’t the most ideal for your situation anymore. There are millions of people out there who are dying to ask their boss for some leeway, but they are too scared to ask and don’t know how to approach the subject! It doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think. Here is how to ask your boss for flexible working.

1 Start Conversation

Don’t sit and just stew in your dilemma. The only way you are going to make any progress with your boss is by plucking up the courage to actually talk to them! Face to face is always better too rather than over phone or via message. Face to face, your boss will be able to see how much you care about what you are asking.

2 Training

Seek out any opportunities for in job training at your place of work. If you get yourself on a training programme, you are usually able to organise your working hours in a more flexible way, and your boss won’t feel as if you are taking advantage or anything because you are training up within the company at the same time.

3 Push Achievement

Make sure then when you are asking for this new flexibility, that you emphasise all of the good results and achievement that you have accomplished as a member of the team at work. A boss is always more likely to grant requests and privileges to an employee who they see as being hard working and valuable. They won’t want to lose you, so will agree to flexible working over the thought of your moving elsewhere.