What to do before a Job Interview ...


What to do  before a Job Interview ...
What to do  before a Job Interview ...

A job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience for most of us - the prospect of persuading a potential employer that you’re the perfect candidate for the role can fill even the most confident of individuals with dread. But there is no need to panic before you step into that interview room because some simple preparation in advance can ease your nerves and ensure you’re ready for anything the interviewers might throw at you. Here's what to do before a job interview.

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BE Proud of Yourself

The first thing to do is congratulate yourself that you’ve actually reached the interview stage – out of all the applicants, you have been recognized as someone with the potential to join the company you want to. So pat yourself on the back and now get down to the work required to win that role.


Plan the Appointment

Read the letter inviting to the interview carefully to note exactly where and when it will take place, and plan how you will get there. Whether you’re using public transport or using your own transport to get there, check in advance of any planned disruptions and amend your travel plans accordingly.


What do You Need?

The letter will also explain if you will be required to bring along anything specific – for example, qualifications, proof of identity etc – and if you will have to sit a test or participate in group exercises.


Revise Your Application and Resume

Now re-read your application and compare it to your resume so you’re clear on exactly what role you’re being interviewed for and can speak confidently as to your experience and ability to do the job. Many people find it helpful to write down a checklist of keywords that act as a prompt during the interview process and it is a good sign if you take time to write things down when being questioned.


Plan Your Outfit

How you look is important. Be clean and freshly groomed, and in smart clothing that is also clean and presentable with polished footwear. Don’t drown yourself in perfume or aftershave, as that might be the only lasting impression you leave! And if you smoke, try to resist one last puff as an overpowering smell of smoke can be off-putting. Do have a back-up outfit in case of unexpected emergencies such as spilling coffee down your jacket.


Get a Good Night's Sleep

The night before the interview, have an early night – avoid alcohol or other stimulation as this might cause you to sleep in or, worse, have a sleepless night that leaves you on edge. Put all your documentation and essentials for the interview in a folder or bag and check its contents before you leave.


Satisfy a Rumbling Tummy

Lastly, do not avoid breakfast or a snack before the interview – it’s not unheard of for interviewees to faint because of a combination of nerves and lack of food. Even a bar of chocolate will settle your stomach and you should make sure you drink lots of water, too.

These simple steps can help you focus on being relaxed and ready for whatever the interviewer throws at you.

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