10 Tips for Finding a Job in London ...


10 Tips for Finding a Job in London  ...
10 Tips for Finding a Job in London  ...

London’s job market is as varied and diverse as its residents. Whilst the city may make headlines for its influence in the world of finance, England’s capital supports a number of other different industries including fashion, advertising and real estate. Attracting students and professionals from around the globe, London’s job market is incredibly competitive. Employers are often overwhelmed by the number of applications they receive for each job opening, so it’s important to stand out from the crowd when hunting for a job in the world’s most international city. Here's how to find a job in London.

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Apply for Jobs Online

The internet has revolutionised the process of finding a job. As a forward thinking city, employers and recruiters in London have embraced online job sites and job boards. There are several sites dedicated to London-based positions in addition to nationwide and international job boards. These sites make it easier to filter for jobs suited to your skill set in the city or even neighbourhood of your choosing. When applying for jobs online, make sure to take note of when the posting was first listed and who the contact person is.


Get in Touch with Recruiters

For many professional occupations, London-based firms rely on the help of recruiters to fill essential roles. In addition to applying for job directly, send your CV to recruiters as well. Recruiters often are the first to here about new job openings before they are posted and can help candidates find a perfect match to for their skill set. Recruiters can also help when it comes to preparing candidates for interviews and negotiating salaries.


Invest the Time in a Quality Cover Letter

The London job market is very competitive, with potential candidates coming from a variety of backgrounds across the EU and the rest of the world. One way to make your application stand out is to invest the time in writing a quality cover letter. Make sure to inform potential recruiters and employers of how your skill set fits well with the advertised position. Making a good impression with a well thought out cover letter can place you at the top of the list when it comes time to decide which candidates should be interviewed.


Follow up on Applications

Getting status updates from applications will keep you informed and also let employers know that you’re serious about finding a new role. Some job openings garner so many candidates that CVs can often get lost in the shuffle. Following up on an application can prevent this from happening. In the event that your application is denied, take the opportunity to find out where there is room for improve and use it as a learning tool.


Put Your CV Online

Online CVs are an excellent way to attract employers and recruiters. Popular sites like LinkedIn allow users to connect with others from their industry in


Utilise Friends and Family

Friends and family can prove to be a valuable asset when searching for a job. London-based friends will always be full of tips and may also have connections to potential employers and recruiters. Have friends and family review your CV and ask for honest feedback.


Research Your Industry

Each city has its own unique mix of industries and London is no different. Make the effort to research and get to know your industry and how it fits in with London’s economy. Get an idea of what salary range to expect, along with the general working conditions. This will ensure that you know what you’re getting into what you start applying and interviewing for positions.


Customise Your CV

Each job opening requires a customised set of skills that employers are searching for. Instead of sending the same CV for each occupation, highlight different sections based on the job description listed in the posting. This will help to catch the eye of employers as they look over a pile of applications.


Dress the Part

First impressions are everything, so when the time comes to attend an in-person interview, dressing the part is an important step in landing the role. Londoners have a notoriously good fashion sense, with busy streets often looking more like catwalks in The City. Make sure, above all else, that you present yourself and professional and well-groomed before an interview. Remember, it’s always better to overdress than to under-dress.


Highlight Your Best Qualities

Short on experience, but heavy on education and training? Make sure to highlight your strong areas when writing a CV or interviewing. Often times, candidates may fall short of the quantitative requirements listed in a job posting (e.g. years of experience, level of education), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not qualified for the position. If there are any weak spots in your CV, round them out by highlighting your strong points to create a more balanced profile.

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