The 7 Essential Traits You Need to Be Your Own Boss ...


The 7 Essential Traits You Need to Be Your Own Boss ...
The 7 Essential Traits You Need to Be Your Own Boss ...

In the world of professions and careers, there are worker bees and there are queen bees, and it takes a certain type of person to be able to rise through the ranks to become a queen bee, either in a big company or just in a self serving capacity! Being able to get to a stage where you can be your own boss is something that we should all aspire to. It gives you much more freedom and satisfaction not to have to answer to somebody else on a regular basis! Here are seven essential traits you need to be your own boss.

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It doesn’t matter what field you are in or what your ambitions are, if you are not passionate about your work then you are never going to be able to assume a position of leadership for yourself or for others. Being a boss means that you need to have an incredibly invested interest in your prospects.



Success isn’t going to be handed to you on a silver platter. You need to be tenacious in your work ethic and be prepared to do the hard hours in order to find the pot of gold at the end of everything! Don’t be slow or sluggish in your approach and take every opportunity that comes your way.


Learning Ability

Don’t ever think that you are at a level where you no longer need to learn from others. The best bosses in the world are always open to feedback and to collaboration with others. If you shut yourself off from that kind of thing, you will get out of touch and fall behind.



You need to be great at relationship building with contacts because, in today’s business world, it really is all about how you know and how well you get on with them! Make as many business connections as possible; it is always good for when you might need a favour.



You need to have the ability to be able to see in to the future of your business efforts rather than just operating in a short sighted manner. If you want to remain being your own boss, then you need to have long term plans in place.



When you are your own boss, every single decision you make impacts only on you and you alone! Be disciplined in your approach and make sure that you have a sustainable work/life balance going forward.


Time Management

When you are your own boss, your time is your own, so that means that you owe to yourself to keep everything in order and meet your deadlines. You won’t have someone from above breathing down your neck, so you have to do that for yourself!

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