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It can be stressful trying to think of impressive things to say in a job interview. One interview can be completely different to the previous one you had, depending on who is interviewing you and what the company is like. But fear not, I have made a list of things to say in a job interview that work in every interview you will ever attend. Good luck!

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I Know a Great Deal about Your Company

Facts about the company itself are great things to say in a job interview. Many people are too concerned with talking about themselves that they forget about the company. Potential employers will be impressed if you know about the history of the company, as well as some statistics and little known facts.


Knowing your potential employer shows that you have a genuine interest in becoming a part of their team and not just in getting any job. Take the time to understand their mission, vision, and values and how they align with your own professional goals. Be prepared to articulate how you can contribute to their objectives and ask insightful questions about their future plans. This level of detail not only sets you apart from other candidates but also demonstrates your commitment and preparedness for the role, which are qualities every employer values.


I Am a Highly Motivated Individual

If a potential employer thinks that you are motivated, they will assume that you are willing to go above and beyond to get their job done. Companies don’t want someone who just clocks in to do what they are told to do and then leaves to go home for the day. They want someone who does tasks that are not asked of them.


I Work Well in Groups

Teamwork is extremely important when it comes to a career. It’s okay to be the type of person who likes to work alone, but you still have to learn how to work well with others. If your employer thinks that you can work well with people from your own company, they are more willing to let you travel and work with other companies as well.


I Always Have a Positive Attitude

Almost everyone knows one person at work who is always happy. You look forward to seeing that person every day. Be that person. Employers love positive people because it represents their company. You being positive shows that you love your job and you are determined to make others love it as well.


I’m Flexible

Employers love people who are flexible. If you have open availability, employers believe that they can count on you to be there if and when they need you. This does not actually mean that you have to dedicate every second of your life to your job, but you want to make sure that your potential employer thinks that you are willing to do that.


That’s a Great Question

If a potential employer asks you a question you weren’t prepared for or you have no idea how to answer it, you can give yourself some time to think of an answer by telling them that they asked a great question. This way you can think of an answer and you also give your interviewer a little ego boost.


Responding with "That's a great question," not only buys you valuable thinking time, but also shows that you appreciate the interviewer's inquiry, indicating that you're engaged in the conversation. Use that pause wisely – take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and then answer as confidently as possible. Remember, interviewers appreciate candidates who are thoughtful and genuine in their responses, rather than those who deliver immediate but less considered replies.


I’m Always Willing to Learn New Things

If you aren’t as experienced as you would like to be in the field of the job you are applying for, you can always say that you are willing to try new things. You can also say that you are a quick learner, which lets your employer know that they won’t have to waste time training you and repeating things until you understand them.

Interviews can be fun, stressful, and even terrifying. But if you are prepared and know what to say than you’ll probably get the job! Remember to dress professionally and to carry yourself well and you’ll definitely get the job! What are some things that you think someone should or shouldn’t say in an interview?

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I need this now thank you

And totally useless unless you can back them up with concrete examples from real life.

Using these if I get a call back this month or next. Thanks.

Well good thing I said all those things out of my ass on my last interview lolol

I love these had me in stitches SOBOLD

Got a couple of interviews coming up hopefully so these will be a big help!!

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