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If you lately feel underappreciated or even invisible when you’re at work and if you want people in your field to recognize your efforts and to appreciate your level of professionalism and your dedication, then just read on and discover a few useful tips for increasing your professional visibility and exposure. Sometimes, in order for people to notice you and to realize what a valuable employee you actually are, it is not enough to simply arrive on time, to keep your head down and work hard to accomplish your tasks. There are a few other things you should do if you want to get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of lately or to even get those professional rewards you deserve so much. Here are a few very useful tips for increasing your professional visibility and exposure that you should always consider if you want to learn how to stand out from the crowd and become known in your line of work:

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Volunteer for Special Projects

One of the most useful tips for increasing your professional visibility I could give you is to advise you to volunteer for special projects, for those special events your company organizes. Look for those special projects you can take part in and you will meet a lot of people, especially the ones who make all the decisions. This is a wonderful occasion to show them your skills, your qualities and to impress them with your numerous talents.


Ask for More Assignments

Ask for more responsible assignments, so you can show your bosses that you can take care of all kinds of tasks, that you can do your work with a lot of responsibility and maturity and that you definitely deserve that promotion. Show them your skills are underutilized in your current position, that you can do so much more that could increase your department’s efficiency and that you can even help your company obtain better results.


Build Your Relationship with Your Boss

Even if you are shy and you lack in self-confidence, try to work on this aspect that can influence your career. Build your relationship with your boss, talk to them as often as you have the chance to do it, even when you think it’s not appropriate. Learn how to make small talk and get them to notice you. Approach them at different social events organized by the company you work for and show them what a wonderful person you really are.


Write for Professional Publications

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the best ways to increase your professional visibility and your professional exposure. Just write for professional publications and get yourself well-known in your field. The first thing you should do is to simply pick a topic that interests you regarding your job, document yourself as well as you can, write that article and then submit it to one of the magazines that is read by most people in your field. Even if you don’t get it published on your first try, if you like writing, don’t give up, just keep on trying and I’m sure you’ll succeed in getting your articles published.


Attend Optional Meetings

Always attend those optional meetings and events organized by the company you work for because it will help you increase your professional visibility and you will give others the chance to notice you. Even though some of these events might seem boring, make an effort and show up, listen and even get involved in those meetings. You will show your bosses that you are a dedicated person who wants the best for their company, who shows interest for what they do and who always tries to perfect themselves.

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Participate in Seminars and Training Classes

You should always try to get better at what you do and that’s why you should participate at all kinds of seminars and training classes that will help you improve your skills. Also, if you are not using those skills in your current position, try to look for other opportunities to practice them until you will get that promotion you deserve so much. Show others what you’ve learned in those classes and apply that new information at work.


Increase Your Professional Circle

Enhance your professional circle and speak to outside groups. Meet new people and get yourself noticed. Just show them what a wonderful person you are and how many amazing skills and talents you have. People will give you recommendations and this will definitely help you in your career.

There are a lot of things you can do to increase your professional visibility and to get yourself noticed in your field. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure there are many more I forgot about. Can you give me a hand and tell me what other things someone can do to increase their professional visibility and exposure? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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