7 Work Habits That Could Get You Fired ...


7 Work Habits That Could Get You Fired ...
7 Work Habits That Could Get You Fired ...

Even if you think that you work extremely hard and that most times, you really do a good job, I must tell you that there are quite a few work habits that could get you fired. A lot of things can cost you your job and you do most of them unconsciously. These don’t necessarily make you a bad person, since everyone makes mistakes and we all have certain things we can improve about ourselves. Just like Dr. Katharine Brooks, director of Liberal Arts Career Services at The University of Texas at Austin, said, “A single bad habit is not likely to get you fired immediately, but the cumulative effect of the bad habit over time can…People might notice one bad habit, and it preps them to notice other faults or problems.” Here are a few work habits that could get you fired that you should pay attention to, so you don’t let them jeopardize your work and your career:

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In my opinion, this is definitely one of the most destructive work habits that could get you fired. Even though you may think that this behavior is very difficult to correct, with a bit of practice and with a lot of patience you will learn how to be more disciplined and take care of your tasks when you are supposed to. If you believe that you do your best work at the last minute, I must tell you that you are wrong. Even if you are able to do this every once in a while, in the long term, you will feel exhausted and you will upset your co-workers as well, since they will have to change their schedule, rush and do things quickly to meet the deadlines.


Surfing the Web While at Work

Surfing the web while you’re at work is definitely one of the things that could seriously jeopardize your job. Most companies monitor their employees’ activity, so your boss probably knows what you are doing all day long when you should be working. Just try not to check your personal e-mail account, your social media accounts or even play all kinds of games online when you’re at work. Just find other things to do that are more productive, will help you in your career and will show your boss what a valuable employee you really are.



This is another thing that can get you fired when you least expect it. If you think that a few little white lies won’t hurt anyone, I must tell you that you are wrong. No matter the field you work in (business, banking, education or anywhere else), if you lack integrity, take credit for someone else’s work, misuse expense accounts or simply embellish the truth every time you have the occasion to do it, you might jeopardize your career. In time, you might even lose your job.



Negativity can really affect not only your productivity but also your chances of keeping your job. So, if you notice that lately you’ve been complaining a little too much or you’re afraid that you might have given your boss a headache thanks to your attitude, then maybe it’s time to do something more productive instead. Just look at the bright side of things and think of all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for.



Arriving late for work is never a good idea. Tardiness is definitely one of the things that may cause you quite a few problems in your career in the long run. Showing up to work five minutes late for the first time in months is okay, such a thing can be overlooked, but doing it every day is something that could really infuriate your boss and your co-workers. You will seem disrespectful and people will think that you really don’t care about your job.



When you work in an office, you need to keep an eye out for your colleagues’ necessities. If you’re always distracted and unaware of other people’s needs, in the long term, this bad habit can really damage your career. Just like Katharine Brooks says, “Each workplace has its own culture and style, whether it’s the official or unofficial dress code, the social atmosphere, or the official and unofficial hierarchy. Failure to observe the culture and fit in can create tension or mark you as different, and potentially less desirable.”



This is one of the bad habits that will cause you problems not only at work but in your personal life too. There are a lot of studies which have shown that almost 40 percent of managers have fired someone for office gossip. It’s never a good idea to gossip, and you shouldn’t do it, especially when you’re at work. Just follow workplace expert Jules Zunich’s advice and “never say anything at work that you wouldn’t want your officemates to read on the front page of the newspaper.”

There are a lot of things you shouldn’t do while you’re at work if you don’t want to get into trouble and lose your job. Have you ever done something that cost you your job? What was it? Do you know any other work habits that could get someone fired? Please tell us what you think on this matter in the comments section!

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Us ladies really really really really need to pay attention to gossiping. Many a jobs I've quit because I can't stand the gossip that circulates, and mostly only the women were to blame.

Gossiping is human nature...especially in women. It's nice to have reminders to help keep ourselves in check.

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