7 Ways to Be More Productive at Work ...


Be More Productive and you can greatly increase the value of your time. If you feel like you spend eons at work but you still don’t have enough time to get everything done, read on for tips on how being more productive at work while still having time for fun on your breaks. Before you know it, you'll be increasing productivity tenfold and you'll feel like you have all the time in the world!

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Get Organized

I know, it’s easier said than done but the simplest way to git ‘er done and be more productive is to make a to-do list and prioritize tasks. If you’re a morning person, tackle the challenging tasks in the morning while you’re still buzzing with caffeine and vice versa. Make sure you highlight which tasks are priorities so you can determine how much time you need to devote to each task.


Take Breaks

Instead of wasting time emailing your co-worker back-and-forth about how you won a dance battle against your ex; take your state-mandated break and show-and-tell. If you’re outdoorsy, take a stroll outside or take a power nap to recharge. Use break time for fun stuff like trolling on the internet and drooling over the hot guy in Marketing. Utilizing your breaks will allow you to increase productivity and return to work with a refreshed mind.


Take a Full Lunch Break

Avoid inhaling your lunch or eating while you work; take your time and enjoy it. If you have a bad habit of racing through lunch, you’ll feel like your workday is never ending and you won’t be as productive later. Use your lunch time to do pleasurable things like looking at celebrity gossip or browsing shoes.


Utilize Your Office Supplies

Be more productive by working with what you've got. Your boss doesn’t supply file folders and labels for kicks and giggles; use those bad boys to organize your desk! Raid the supply closet and pick up items that will help make things easier to find. Get some hanging folders and separate papers what you need/don’t need, rearrange things on your desk so your most important tools are easily within reach.


Get a Workstation Evaluation

If your office has a qualified person on staff to provide you with a workstation evaluation, ask for one so they can determine if your cube is set up properly. If your desk or computer is set at an awkward height, it could give you head or backaches which can definitely prevent you from being more productive.


Turn off Email Alerts

If you’re unable to close out your office email, at least prioritize your emails so that you don’t end up stopping what you’re doing every time you see an email preview, then lose your train of thought. Be more productive with these quick tips from the Outlook masters themselves at: microsoft.com


Leave at a Specific Time with a Game Plan for Tomorrow

Another way to increase productivity with your workday is to specify a time when you will leave work. It can be difficult to coordinate your day if you have no ending time. Leave some time at the day’s end to organize and make note of what you need to take care of first thing tomorrow.

If you want to be more productive, these tips are helpful in making sure you make the most of your day. What are your methods in being more productive each day?

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