7 Ways to Make a Name for Yourself Online ...


7 Ways to Make a Name for Yourself Online ...
7 Ways to Make a Name for Yourself Online ...

How to become famous online is what you need to know right now! If you’re looking to become famous online, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got the hottest tips you need to know in order to make a name for yourself online. Getting out there and getting noticed doesn’t come overnight, but once you get the ball rolling you’d be surprised at how fast it can pick up speed. Becoming famous online is one step closer to realizing your dreams and goals of making a name for yourself in the industry of your choice. If you have a talent, or a brand, or a passion for something, why not put out a little effort and see where it gets you? With this article, you will learn several ways to become famous online, so keep on reading!

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Choose a Simple Name

When becoming famous online, you need to choose a name that is simple, easy to remember, and unique. Stick with something that describes your personality or the theme you would like to represent or advertise. For example, if you’re trying to get into fashion blogging, choose a name that people can associate with fashion. Or if you’d like to advocate rescuing animals, pick a name that has to do with animals, like puppygurl123. Just keep it simple and fresh for best results!


Post a Picture

One of the steps involved with learning how to become famous online is to make sure you have a picture of yourself posted on your blog or website. People want a face that they can connect with and relate to, so this step is extremely important. If you don’t have a nice, clear picture of yourself to use, consider hiring a professional to take a headshot. Once people can see your face, they will be able to establish a sort of rapport with you over the web, so this means good news for you!


Use Keywords

In order to become famous online, you want to be diligent about using the same keywords in all your posts. The more often you use the same keywords, the more likely it is that your posts will appear at the top of a Google search! So if you choose to blog about creative sculpting, make sure you use the words “creative sculpting” throughout your posts. The more people you draw into your blog, the more chances you will have of success!


Get Busy on Social Media

One way to be sure of your online success is to get busy on that social media. With websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest available, you can make your voice heard now more than ever before. Make sure you update Twitter and Facebook at least 2 or 3 times daily. Encourage your fans to share your page and get more likes! On Pinterest, be sure to Pin people who get noticed often. When people search for those individuals, your name may appear!


Do an Interview

Once you’ve been blogging for a little bit and feel confident enough to move it to the next level, here’s a great way to become famous online. Ask one of your fellow bloggers with a little popularity if you can interview them for your blog! You may have to do it via email or over the phone, but this is one stellar step to take for your fame. Once you post the interview to your blog, the person you interviewed will likely link your blog on his or her own site. This will shine a huge spotlight on you! You can do this with several popular bloggers; just make sure to spread your posts out so you don’t have 5 interviews all grouped together.



Do you have a favorite blog that you follow often? Once you have been commenting and following a blogger for a few months, try this move: send an email to the author and let him or her know that you’re a huge fan! Ask if you could do a guest post, and if they say yes, do your very best job. The people who follow your host may gander on over to your blog after reading your oh-so-fabulous advice!


Birds of a Feather

You’ve heard the term birds of a feather flock together, and it never rings more true than now! Your endeavor to become famous online can be aided if you follow these instructions. Start following blogs that attract a similar audience to what you’d love to have. Follow blogs that have the same themes and ideas that your blog has as well. Comment on these blogs in a regular fashion for several months, and then link your blog in your comments. People may hop over to see what the buzz is all about!

How serious are you about getting out there and getting noticed? When you really buckle down and put forth the effort, it will pay off. Becoming famous online will help you in your endeavor to reach the top. What are your strategies for becoming famous online? Please, comment below and share any unique tips and ideas you may have to help show others how to become famous online!

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