7 Ways to Really Impress Your Boss ...


7 Ways to Really Impress Your Boss ...
7 Ways to Really Impress Your Boss ...

When was the last time you went out of your way to impress your boss? In today’s world, your management can be the difference between exceeding your potential and really going places, or stagnating in the same job for years. It’s no wonder we are all anxious to stay late, arrive early and always volunteer! If you really want to impress your boss, though, keep these great tips in mind.

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Know Her Weaknesses…

One of the easiest ways to impress your boss is to recognize their weaknesses, and make them your strengths. If your boss hates numbers, make yourself a go-to person for finance help. If they lack creative ideas, nurture your creative side so they ask for your help. When your boss looks to you as someone who helps them excel, you’ve created the perfect opportunity to shine and get ahead.


Save Money…

You know what they say: money makes the world go round. A big part of management, especially in a recession, is to save money wherever possible without big cut-backs. If you can think of any great ways to relieve financial pressure and save your boss, department or company money, make them known. The right strategy could save a lot of money, and will put you front of the line for promotions.


Be Open to Learning…

Whatever your job description, try to take some time to learn about your company. Read through the company mission, glance at the website, and find out about what products you sell. It’ll give you a better all-round picture of the company, which will make your job easier, and it’ll also let you shine if you ever end up dealing with clients or customers. It’s worth the time!


Be Honest…

If you can’t do something, be honest. You can either suggest that you take some time out to learn it--read books, look online, speak to experts--or refer it to someone who can do it, and show off your work contacts. Either way, the work will get done, and be done well. Your boss will be grateful for your honesty, too.


Help Your Boss Excel…

Make your boss and your department look great by preparing for big meetings together. Help out with research, if you can, or suggest talking points. Make sure your boss has access to the department's latest figures and successes, and share any great ideas that you have. Being useful and positioning yourself as a reliable ally will do your career no end of good.


Get Personal…

Okay, I’m not suggesting you start inviting your boss out to every night out, or get romantically involved with them. But learning the name of your boss’s family members is respectful, and can help you get ahead, as can remembering little details like what book they are reading, or an important event. If you can follow up on something that’s been mentioned, you’ll show your boss how attentive you are, and also demonstrate your attention to detail. Win.


Embrace Criticism…

Okay, so this is one of the hardest ways to impress your boss, and I still suck at it! I’m always eager to impress, and getting criticized can hurt (even if it’s done nicely). The best way to deal with it? Accept the criticism gracefully, and ask for tips on how to improve. Then go away, lick your wounds for a few hours and send a follow-up email recapping those goals and requesting a meeting in a few months to assess your progress. You’ll show your boss that you value their opinion and are working with them, and you’ll have turned criticism into a positive reflection on you. A definite win.

Once you’ve worked these ways to impress your boss into your work life, you’ll find that you are leaving the best impression without needing to stay late, arrive early or throw yourself into every opportunity. It’s crazy, but it works! Give them a try, and don’t forget to comment and let us know your tricks for impressing your boss!

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Excellent tips

i don't know about you.. but i don't think i would invest my savings in my boss, department or company that i work for. the company's going down for a reason! you can basically kiss your money goodbye!

As an intern, this list is priceless!

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