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Coming up with ways to talk with your boss about your future is a tricky conversation. Rest assured, it’s one she expects to have, and does with employees regularly. After all, didn’t you join the company with the hopes and aspirations of upward mobility? There are certain ways to talk with your boss about your future which can be more successful than others. Use these suggestions to guide you along your path!

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Pick a Good Time

Is your boss getting ready for his annual audit? Is this one of the busiest times of the year for your business? Did the higher ups just come into town and give your boss a negative review? Perhaps wait until the boss is in a better space before talking with her. One of the best ways to talk with your boss about your future is to recognize a good time to talk! It will also show an understanding of the business.


Have Your Ducks in a Row

Bosses oftentimes have a “show me” attitude. You say you’ve raised production and decreased waste, so show her with reports. Have you completed tasks that weren’t assigned to you, but you took the initiative anyway? As long as the results were good, show her! The more things you can have in writing to show her, the better. This way, even when the discussion is done, the results will be able to be revisited.


Come in Prepared

Think in advance about what your boss may ask you about your future goals, and come prepared. It’s not enough just to say you want a raise. How much, and based on your job and the company’s performance, is it reasonable? If you want a new position, is there one available? It’s good to let your boss know where you want to go now and in the future, but first have that chat with yourself, and have it ready to roll off the tip of your tongue when the time is right.


Be Flexible

So the position you want isn’t available right now, but your boss has another idea for you. Be flexible enough to listen earnestly, and walk out considering this proposal. It may not be in the division you’ve dreamed of, but varied experience in your company may not be a bad thing. After all, isn’t that what your boss has?


Don’t Be Spontaneous

If she doesn’t give you the answer you wanted, don’t quit or be offended! Take this in stride, and don’t speak without thinking about it first. This is about the future of you in the company, not about you winning this battle. If she asks you to consider something else, albeit a smaller raise, a promotion you weren’t thinking of or a lateral move with potential, let her know you’ll consider it. Think about it and write your list of pros and cons before you accept or decline. The last thing you want to do is have regrets about your future.


Be Reasonable

If you’ve presented a thorough proposal, and the boss gives you a hybrid of what she wanted to offer and what you wanted to be offered, listen to her reasons. If they are sound, consider them seriously. You can’t expect a 10% raise if your company only increased their business by 1.5% this year, for example. Keep your wits about you, and you will stay in her good graces when the next opportunity arises!


Be Positive

Bosses love people who love their jobs. Not only are they good for the company’s persona, they’re good for morale. Staying positive also shows self-confidence and strength!

Asking your boss for what you want shows initiative, drive, and optimism. Bosses love these qualities! Keep doing good work, and give yourself a verbal pat on the back in front of your boss. In time, the position of your dreams can be yours. What’s the most successful idea you have used to talk with your boss about your future?

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