8 Things You're Doing Wrong when Job Hunting ...


8 Things You're Doing Wrong when Job Hunting ...
8 Things You're Doing Wrong when Job Hunting ...

I know what you're thinking: is there truly a wrong way to job hunt? So long as you apply and put your resume out there, you're sure to land a job. Well, it may be more complex than that. Apparently, you could be doing it wrong. Here are some things you should stop doing if you want to land that job.

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Quantity over Quality

While you should apply to more than one job at a time, but maybe not every job. Applying to jobs you’re not qualified for may actually hurt your changes to gainful employment. Instead, know your skillset and only apply for jobs you know you’re quailed to do.


Selling Your Abilities over Selling Your Work Ethic

Having great test scores, or a prestigious degree don’t make up a great work ethic. Companies look for potential candidates who’d get the work done, not who’ll sit around and think themselves to good to work.


Coasting on Your Degree or Your Connections

While degrees and networks are great, employers might see these things as just lucky occurrences. Having earned a degreed or knowing a group of well connected people can be seen as luxuries, and don’t equate to hard work. While all employers may not see it this way, some do.


Trying to Seem Too Typical

While you may think fitting in is the best way to land that job, but in a recent study done by Fast Company, it was noted that "if a candidate has the right skills for an open position, it doesn't matter what type or format of education was used to get them."


Making Your Cover Letter Too Vague

Sometimes cover letters can be too similar. Employers see the same phrases over and over from different candidates, and what they read doesn’t stand out. However, if you add in some specificity, then maybe you’ll increase your changes of having your cover letter viewed. So instead of saying you do things quickly, specify exactly what it is that you are capable of doing in an efficient matter.


Updating Your LinkedIn Profile Too Often

While it’s important to keep your professional online profiles up to date, updating them too often may not be a good look. It says that you’re flighty, and that you don’t stick it out when it comes to employment. It makes you look lost without drive or ambition.


Too Much Info on Your Resume

Sometimes, less is more. Only put things that compliment your skills necessary to the job you’re applying to. Take out the things that don’t match your current employment interest or that are irrelevant and have happened many years ago. Make what matters stand out.


Giving Safe Answers in the Interview

As stated above, specificity is key. It is common to gush about your skills, however, focus on telling specific stories that accentuate your skills, show not tell, so to speak. Let your anecdotes sell your qualifications and prove your worth to the company.


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