The 7 Stages of Looking for a Job We All Can Relate to ...

By Kelly

The 7 Stages of Looking for a Job We All Can Relate to ...

Have you ever thought about the stages of looking for a job? Oh, the job hunt! What a gruesome phase of adulthood. Here is a funny outlook on the post-college job hunt experience that many of us are all too familiar with the realities of with a look at the the stages of looking for a job.

1 Polish up Your Old Resume

This will make sure you are a standout candidate. You have to make sure your most important qualities stand out.
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2 And if You Land That Long-awaited Job Interview...

Just knowing that your resume stood out enough to get you past the second stage is an awesome feeling.
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3 Then Immediately Freaking out

We all do this because we always fear we'll have no idea what to say. But don’t worry because they liked what you put on paper, you just gotta show them that you’re just as awesome in person!
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4 Honestly the Best Part of the Job Hunt?

Finding that perfect interview outfit. You have to find the outfit that toes the line between classy and confident, smart but not dull. The best part is that there are tons of combos you can go with.
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5 Then Comes the Interview

Sometimes it goes well and you leave the place smiling. Other times you felt like you wanted to cry. How the managers interview you is a good indication of how you’ll be treated in the workplace. So if they made you feel comfortable, that’s great! But if it felt more than an interrogation rather than an interview, maybe you’re better off.
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6 The Waiting Aftermath

The worst stage of it all since you are in job limbo. Then the phone rings and either you have the job, get a second interview or have to repeat steps 1-6 again. It’s the most nerve-racking stage since the first impressions you made at the interview definitely make or break a candidate.
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7 Congrats You Made It!

It may have taken a couple of tries, a couple of months, a ton of applications, but you’ve finally made it as a new employee. Don’t forget to share the news with your friends and go out to celebrate.
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