10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Accepting a Job Offer ...

By Lucy

10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Accepting a Job Offer ...

There are some questions you must ask yourself before accepting a job offer. If you don't, you may wind up with a job you hate and no way out.

Finding a job is a long process, and starting one is even harder! You may feel incredibly lucky to even be offered the job, so the thought of saying “no” doesn’t even cross your mind. But a job is a big commitment, and it’s important to consider these questions you must ask yourself before accepting a job offer.

1 What is the Management like?

One of the most important questions you must ask yourself before accepting a job offer is if you like the manager.A bad manager can leave you overworked, underappreciated and exhausted. Hopefully you get to meet your potential manager during the hiring process. Before accepting the role, think about them as a person. Are they kind and polite? Will they value you as a person, or do they expect you to be robots who do nothing but work?

2 What Are Your Co-workers like?

Good co-workers can make a bad job bearable and a good job great. If you don’t get to meet them during the hiring process, maybe ask your manager about them? Do they value teamwork, or is it everyone for themselves? Does it sound like a team environment you can fit into?

3 What Are the Business Ethics like?

For some, ethics are more important than others. Perhaps it doesn’t bother you. But some design companies will steal designs from artists, or travel companies will raise their prices during an emergency. Stop and think if you really want to work for that sort of company.

4 Do I Actually Want to do This?

If you can afford to be picky when choosing a job, stop and wonder if you really want it. Are you just applying because you fell into it? Because your parents want this job for you, or you think it will look good on a resume? Those aren’t great reasons to take a new job.

5 Does It Seem like Fun?

Life is short. Don’t waste it doing something you don’t want to do.

6 Will It Teach Me Something New?

You are never too old you learn something new. Each new job should be a new opportunity. It should challenge you and help you grow as a person. You should keep learning, otherwise you’re just standing still, not moving forward.

7 Can I do This?

Sometimes we oversell ourselves during the interview process, but your manager will catch on quickly once you start in the role. Yes, all jobs come with a learning curve, but perhaps don’t take a job you’ve blatantly lied to get into.

8 Is It a Good Use of My Skills?

Similarly, a job must involve some sort of skill set. Perhaps you have a degree you’ve paid a fortune for, or you’ve spent ages teaching yourself a new language. Think about the skills you value and want to improve. Does the job test these?

9 Does It Pay Well?

Not all jobs pay well. Some pay abysmally, while some pay way too much. Most of us fall into the former category, but it’s important not to undervalue yourself. If the work is hard, your pay check should reflect this. Your labour is worth something. Don’t let people sell you and your qualifications short.

10 Can I Fit My Other Life Commitments around It?

It’s easy to spend far too much time at work, but you should have a life outside your job. Family, friends and hobbies shouldn’t have to take a backseat just because you have a new job. So think about how flexible your new job is, and does it involve giving up everything else?

Getting a new job is amazing! But make sure the job is right for you!

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