14 Career Skills You Need to Succeed in the Working World ...


14 Career Skills You Need to Succeed in the Working World ...
14 Career Skills You Need to Succeed in the Working World ...

What are the career skills you need to succeed “Communication” and “team work” are usually at the top of your CV. Most of us can talk to other people, and at least pretend to like them. But there are a lot more skills girls need to power their way up the career ladder and reach that dream job! So here are the career skills you need to succeed, starting today.

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Be Assertive

Assertiveness is one of the most important career skills you need to succeed. You may want to impress, but you shouldn’t let yourself be walked all over. Show some backbone and stick up for yourself. Show that you can make a great leader by being the boss, but not by being bossy.


Use Your Initiative

If you want to progress up the career chain, you’ll need to show some initiative. Get to know your job and everything around it. Figure out what needs doing and do it, rather than waiting to be told. Think of something new and exciting and pitch it to your boss.


Network, Network, Network!

The old saying, “it’s who you know and not what you know,” unfortunately lives on today. Build that network within your company. Call on favours and help people out. You may need those contacts later!


Dress Appropriately

Yes, feeling good can drastically boost your self-confidence, but six-inch heels will end with you hobbling around the office. Not very dignified. You’ll need to find that balance between practical and gorgeous. Remember - less is more.


Know What You Want

Having clear goals can be difficult, and usually they develop with time. Knowing what you want can help you set out a clear path to get it. It doesn’t have to be long term goals, just spend some time and think about what makes you happy, and what matters to you.


Manage Your Time

For the career girl who wants it all, balancing your time is essential. You need to be able to impress your boss, spend time with friends and family and perhaps still engage in dating. Don’t forget that you’ll need some time for yourself, too.



It’s easy to get disheartened, or hate your job. You may be grinding your way up the career ladder for a while, or feel like your boss doesn’t appreciate you. Fight through it and don’t give up, or you’ll never get that dream job!


Know Your Stuff!

Whatever the career you want, really dive into it and learn your stuff. Nothing says “promote me” like being the on-call expert in your office. Plus, the more you know, the better you’ll do, and the less mistakes you’ll make.


Be Creative

Put your own personal stamp on things. Show some initiative and make things your own. This will help you stand out and earn a big promotion!


Stick to Deadlines

If you make deadlines, or get assigned them, stick to them! Nothing looks worse than failing to meet deadlines due to improper planning. Some things will be out of your control, but a good employee will try and plan for everything.


Stay in Peak Shape

Managing your physical health is essential in life. You need to be full of energy, look your best and not feel ill all the time. Get some exercise, proper sleep, drink water and eat foods with plenty of nutrients.


But Remember Your Mental Health

For some, your mental health can be even more important than your physical health. Take time for yourself. Spend the weekend in bed watching Netflix, or go out for a drink with the girls. Don’t give up your hobbies or the things that make you happy.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Knowing when you’re out of your depth is critical, and knowing when to ask for help can help you avoid crucial mistakes. Everyone starts somewhere. Maybe one day you can be training the newbies!


Have Confidence in Yourself

Finally – believe in yourself. You are amazing and you can achieve your dreams. It’ll require hard work, but nothing good ever comes easy. You’ll have bad days, but you’ll get through them and you’ll be so proud of where you end up!

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"What is success? I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose."Margaret Thatcher

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