7 Important Problems Money Cannot Solve No Matter How Hard You Try ...


There are some problems money cannot solve, even though we tend to think that money is the answer to everything.

'If only I could win the lottery!' we say, thinking that we'd never have to worry again.

Life would be so easy if we didn't have to work our socks off to pay the bills.

But believe it or not, the rich have troubles as well.

There are some things that money just can't buy.

So here are the problems money cannot solve …3

1. Health

One of the problems money cannot solve is health.

Sure, you might be able to afford the best healthcare if you're wealthy, but even that doesn't mean that all medical problems can be dealt with.

Ailments don't discriminate according to how much money you have in the bank.

Rich people get chronic, debilitating illnesses as well.

2. Romance

Being well off doesn't mean that your love life will run smoothly.2

If anything, money can be a complicating factor when it comes to romance.

Just look at all the celebrities who have one relationship after another - having money hasn't guaranteed them a successful romance.2

Plus, unless they hook up with someone equally rich, wealthy people worry that their partner is influenced by their money.

3. Insecurity

Looking at rich people, we think that they must lead worry-free lives.

We kid ourselves that having money would make us feel confident and great about ourselves.2

But who knows how they feel inside?

Money won't magically transform you into a happy, confident person if you're insecure.

In fact, sudden wealth would probably make you worry that you didn't know how to handle the change in your life.

4. World Issues

It might be a clichΓ© that beauty queens say they want world peace, but it's something we'd all like to see.

Sadly, money can't make it happen.

Think of how much money has been dedicated to causes such as famine - and yet it still happens.

These issues are far too complex to be solved simply with vast sums of money.2

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