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When you’re looking for a job and not having much luck, it’s time to try some new search techniques.

The job market is so competitive that you have to use your smarts to be one step ahead of the crowd and stand out.

It’s not just a case of looking harder, browsing more sites or sending out more resumes.

Try these things:

1. Utilize Aggregated Listings

One of the best unconventional methods of job searching is to, rather than scour every single employment website for the hundreds of new job listings that are posted every single day, be a bit more tech savvy and use a website that compiles all of the listings across the web for you and displays them in an easy to read, uncomplicated way.

Using sites like SimplyHired or Indeed will save you from having 65 tabs open at the same time, and you can even filter them by salary, job requirements, travel distance etc.

2. Always Network

Even if you attend interviews that don’t pan out the way you would have hoped, you should always be on the ball in terms of trying to build a network of contacts that might be able to help you further down the line.

Asking people out for coffee doesn’t have to be a strict ‘only if I get the job’ type deal;

the more friends you have in the industry, the better.

Have a profile on LinkedIn – even though you think you may not be a ‘professional’.

You still have skills and something to offer, and a lot of companies advertise on the site so you’ve nothing to lose.2

3. Resume Upgrade

Your resume is essentially the first extension of your personality that your potential employers will see, so make sure that it is as professional and up to date as possible.2

There are plenty of websites online that can help you to produce a really professional looking resume that can stand out from the rest of the applicants.

And yes, it is time consuming but always write a separate cover letter for each application you make.

If your resume is somewhat ‘eclectic’ you might consider having a number of versions of your resume focusing on something different in each one.

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