10 Interview Techniques Ambitious Girls Can Use to Land Their Dream Job ...


10 Interview Techniques Ambitious Girls Can Use to Land Their Dream Job ...
10 Interview Techniques Ambitious Girls Can Use to Land Their Dream Job ...

When it comes to landing your dream job, there's plenty of ways you can make a great first impression and most of it comes down to preparation! Use these top tips to increase your chances of it happening for you!

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Know the Company

To start with, you should know most things about the company you’re aiming to become a part of. A good place to start is to check their website and look for things such as the year the company was founded in and further background information. When it comes time to interview, you should be able to speak authentically about why you’re a great candidate so the best way to come across this way is to know as much about the company as possible. Read through any relevant social media and really immerse yourself in the company culture. Another idea is to check on LinkedIn, search the company at take a look at the profiles of its employees to get a feel for the kind of person they’re looking for. This will help you know if you're someone they could really be looking for on their team!


Know Your Interviewer

If you have access to the name of the person you’ll be meeting with, then put your lurking skills to good use and learn all about them! What if you attended the same college or studied the same thing at university? What if you’re from the same hometown? What if you've both worked for the same company in the past? These are all things that will help build and increase your chances, especially if brought up at some point during your interview. It could even be the deciding factor if it's between you and one other candidate!


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Have you ever met someone and been immediately turned-off by how fake they seemed? You don’t want to be that person in a job interview. First impressions are a big deciding factor when it comes to interviewing for positions, and once it's made, there's no going back! Obviously, you shouldn’t plan on sharing too many unrelated personal information or bringing too much attention to yourself, but it's important to be as genuine as possible.


Be Extra Prepared

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s easier than you might think to let a lack of preparedness fluster you on the day of your big interview. Use the day and night prior to your interview to get yourself ready. Lay out your clothes, take care of any in-depth beauty routines, print extra copies of your CV, look up directions and other important things you don't want to forget on the actual day. You’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you'll feel when you're about to walk in the door of your big interview!


Ask Questions

Even if you don't find yourself with any immediate questions, always go into the interview with a few prepared to show keen interest and enthusiasm for the job. It's much better to have something to say than nothing at all. You could ask questions specifically related to the job itself or more about the company. Remember that the job interview is not only a chance for them to see if you're a good match for their company but also for you to check them out and see if you will want to potentially work for them!


Follow up Afterwards

Don’t forget to send a thank you note after the interview. This might seem like a small thought, but it goes a long way. If you send thank you cards in general, you'll know that it's gratefully received by others and it's important to show your appreciation and gratitude.


Patience is Key

Even though it may seem like you're waiting a long time to hear back after the interview, remember that you're not the only one in the running for the position and give them time to see the process through. Instead of stressing, you could use the time productively by applying for more jobs and attending those interviews as well as tweaking your CV!


Dress to Impress

Anytime you have an interview scheduled you should always dress to impress. You need to dress for the environment in which you want to work. You don't show up to an office building with your hair undone, ripped jeans, and a ratty tee and expect to land the job do you? How you dress is a reflection of how you take care of yourself, so it's always better to be overdressed than under dressed for the situation.


Arrive on Time

Short of a disaster, you should always try to make a point in arriving to an interview at least 15 minutes early. This allows you to check in which shows you're prompt and punctional. It also allows you a few minutes to collect yourself and gather your thoughts again before going into the interview itself.


Body Language is Important

Remember it's not just about answering the right questions, it's about how you present yourself. Sitting slouched during an interview, avoiding eye contact, and fidgeting are all things the interviewer will notice. This will all affect the impression you make on them. It would suck to wow them initially but then be so lax during the interview you lose out. Sure, some of it can be attributed to nerves but other aspects will be attributed to who you are as a person.

Remember, if things don't work out, there's always another job out there that's perfect for you. Finding a job is usually not instant and it takes many interviews and many hours waiting, but when you land your dream job, you'll know it!

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