8 Things to do for $5 ...


Things to do for $5 are a good start to an inexpensive date night or family fun night!

You may even be surprised to learn that you can give yourself or your walls a makeover for just $5!

There are many things to do for $5 if you are frugal and imaginative with your money.

Here’s my creative list of 8 activities to do for $5.

1. Family Night

It might seem unfathomable, but you can certainly have a family night for $5!

All you need are some pizza-making accessories and a Redbox movie.

A can of pizza crust is no more than $2, and a can of sauce and a bag of cheese won’t exceed your $5.

Have fun with your children while making the pizza, and then enjoy it together while you watch a family favorite.

That’s one of the most precious things to do for $5!

2. Date Night

If you don’t have any children, why not consider a date night as one of the things to do for $5?

You have many options before you.

Go out for ice cream or coffee with your sweetheart, or choose an activity like bowling or skating.2

Many local places will offer one night a week with good sales and deals for multiple games or rounds for one price.

If you would like to stay in, then use your $5 to pick up a pack of cards and some popcorn.

Have fun playing a lively round or two and enjoy your snack!2

3. New Outfit

As a woman, we all like to feel pretty and sexy, but there may be times when your budget doesn’t allow too much wiggle room.

Shopping for a new outfit is one of the things you can do for $5-if you stick with a thrift store!

I’ve found some particularly nice clothing items in thrift stores, even brand names before!

And of course, your outfit will be very unique and interesting;

so don’t hesitate to try it out.

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