8 Things to do for $5 ...


Things to do for $5 are a good start to an inexpensive date night or family fun night!

You may even be surprised to learn that you can give yourself or your walls a makeover for just $5!2

There are many things to do for $5 if you are frugal and imaginative with your money.2

Here’s my creative list of 8 activities to do for $5.

1. Family Night

It might seem unfathomable, but you can certainly have a family night for $5!

All you need are some pizza-making accessories and a Redbox movie.

A can of pizza crust is no more than $2, and a can of sauce and a bag of cheese won’t exceed your $5.

Have fun with your children while making the pizza, and then enjoy it together while you watch a family favorite.

That’s one of the most precious things to do for $5!3

Date Night
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