12 Things to Keep in a Home Safe Rather than a Bank Security Box ...

A home safe is not at the top of everybody’s shopping list and when you’re asked the question, “What is the safest place to store valuables?” most people would understandably say in a security box in a bank.

However, for certain items a bank may not be the best and your own home would be safer.

For one, the contents of a bank deposit box are rarely insured and FDIC only insures deposits in accounts and not contents.

So to improve security for yourself and your valuables, invest in a fire-proof home safe to store those items where a bank security box just won’t do.

If you’re stuck on knowing what exactly should be home or bank monitored, take a look at these 12 #Things to Keep in a Home Safe Rather than a Bank Security Box.

1. Identity Papers

Passports and birth certificates are often needed at the ready and if they are in a bank security box, you can only retrieve them during banking working hours.

Furthermore, some boxes are sealed and only released upon notice of death.

These items are often needed immediately to prove a person’s identity and age.