7 Tips to Re-do Your Baby's Nursery on a Dime ...


Looking to redo your baby’s nursery?

Fixing up a baby’s room can quickly get expensive, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

Baby’s rooms don’t need to be super fancy or stylish, they just need to be functional.2

You can still make your baby’s nursery look cute though!

Read on to learn a few tips to redo your baby’s nursery on a dime!

1. Re-paint Furniture

An easy way to redo your baby’s nursery without spending too much is to re-paint the furniture!

It will immediately change up the look of the room, especially if you choose a color that is opposite the current color.

Don’t forget, you can accent with a bright or pastel color if you choose a neutral as your base color!

And always check to make sure the paint you use is safe for a baby’s room!

2. Create a Fun Design

Tired of plain white walls?

Ready to jazz it up a bit?

Use stencils to create a fun design!

It’s cost-effective and simple.

You could also opt to use sponges to put some unique patterns on the wall.

An even easier option would be peel-off wall decals!

You can find them in most drugstores in the kid’s section.

3. Don’t Go All out

Remember, a nursery is for a baby.

That means that he or she isn’t going to notice or care what the room looks like for at least the first 3 years.

Don’t feel the need to spend inordinate amounts of money on nursery décor!

Choose one or two items to splurge on, and use those as your center attractions.

Everything else should be simple and inexpensive!

4. Consider What is Important

Your baby doesn’t need a $400 antique dresser.

But it might be nice to invest in a comfortable rocking chair, especially if you breastfeed or rock your baby to sleep each night!

Decide which items you can opt not to buy or go a cheaper route on.

This tip will make re-doing your baby’s nursery much more cost effective and streamline the process!

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