9 Ways to Enhance Your Resume and Cover Letter and Land Your Dream Job ...


If you are a college senior like me, you might be scrambling to find the many ways to enhance your resume and cover letter to land your dream job.

It is that time of year when seniors around the country are starting the dreaded job hunt.

It can be overwhelming to try and stand out from the crowd and make an impact with a potential employer.

While a lot of your effort should be put into getting great experiences to help you stand out, there are many ways to enhance your resume and cover letter to help you get a start in landing your dream job.

1. Numbers Stand out

One of the easiest ways to enhance your resume and cover letter is to add numbers.

It will attract the eye of potential employers and provide actual statistics of your accomplishments.

How many projects did you produce?

How many people were under your command?

Statistics are great talking points for interviews and will show that you have concrete examples of your past experiences.

2. Tell a Story

Your cover letter should not just be a summary of what you have done and your skills;

it should tell a story.

Explain the reasoning behind your decisions and have a flow from start to finish.

Create a theme for your entire letter and make that theme apparent in every paragraph.

Refer back to that theme in your final paragraph and explain what your experiences have been leading up to.

3. Formatting is Everything

If your cover letter and resume do not look appealing to the eye, no employer will want to hire you.

The key to great resume formatting is to not distract the reader from focusing on you.

Donโ€™t be afraid to be creative, but make sure to not use overbearing fonts, bright colors, or anything that can distract from your content.

You want the focus to be on your accomplishments, and not on the formatting mistakes.

A clean, crisp, and organized resume is a subtle yet important way to stand out to employers.

Personalize It for Each Specific Job
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