7 Ways to Make Money if You're Too Young for a Job ...


There are several ways to make money if you're too young for a job.2

Earning your own money is one way to prove that you're financially responsible.

You won’t have to beg your parents for cash, plus you're able to save up for big purchases.

Unfortunately, some jobs require applicants to be at least 16 years old.

If you can't apply for opportunities, here are seven ways to make money if you're too young for a job.

1. Write down Your Interest

There are several ways to make money if you're too young for a job, but first you’ll need to think about your interest.

You may not be able to apply at a retail store or a restaurant yet, but if you enjoy being active and you don't mind a workout, maybe you can cut lawns in your neighborhood to earn extra cash.2

Of course, this is just one option.

For an enjoyable work experience, it pays to choose opportunities that interest you.

2. When Are You Available?

Before narrowing down a money-generating opportunity, consider your availability.

Because of school and homework, you may not be able to provide services during the week.

But if you're available during the weekend, the opportunities are endless.

Since many people are home during this time, this is an excellent time to market a lawn cutting or car washing service.

3. Offer Babysitting Services

If you enjoy spending time with kids, and you have patience to work with young people, you can babysit before or after school and generate extra money.2

Parents are always seeking responsible, affordable babysitters.

You can start with the children of friends or relatives, and then slowly market your service to others.

Consider becoming CPR certified before offering babysitting services.

4. Tutor Younger Children

Do you excel in a particular subject, maybe math or English?2

If so, offering tutoring services after school or on the weekends is an excellent way to make money if you're too young for an actual job.

You can charge up to $25 for an hour session, or $15 per 30 minute session.

Ask for Extra Allowance
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