You Will Not Believe These Tricks Restaurants Use to Make You Spend More ...


Do you ever go for a meal out and get a shock when presented with the check at the end?

You may have only intended to spend a certain amount of money, but restaurants employ some sneaky tactics to get you to spend more money.

Of course they want to make a profit - but that's not very good for your pocket.

So if you want to avoid a shock when you ask for the bill, watch out for these sneaky restaurant tricks …

1. Positioning

When we look at a menu, our eye automatically looks at the top right-hand corner.

So this is where restaurants place their most expensive dish.

But they know that budget-conscious diners won't order the most expensive thing on the menu.2

The aim is to make you think that other dishes are a bargain in comparison.2

It's a clever trick, and one that we're not necessarily aware of.

Filling Your Glass
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