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Money-saving Hacks That'll Work at Any Age ...

By Valencia

It doesn't matter if you're young or old, chances are you know the importance of saving money. But with so many temptations around us, saving money is easier said than done. Don't worry if your savings account needs work. With these simple hacks you can start saving no matter your age or place in life.

1 Start a Piggy Bank

You might think you've outgrown piggy banks, but this is a simple, effortless way to start saving your money. Make sure it's a piggy bank that you can't access easily. Everyday toss in your spare change or dollar bills and watch your money grow. I use this technique, and there are years when I save an extra hundred dollars (or more) just by emptying my purse or wallet.

2 Cook a Few Vegetarian Meals Each Week

You might love your chicken, pork or steak, but meat dishes add to your grocery bill. If you're looking to save money, prepare a few vegetarian dishes each week. Vegetables and pastas don't cost much, and you can usually use these ingredients for multiple meals, which can drastically reduce your grocery bill.

3 Buy Designer Clothes on EBay

If you love fashion and you don't want to part with your designer styles, get creative and look for ways to save. Rather than pay full price at retail stores, scour eBay or other discount online sites and buy used or clearance items. You might even find fabulous designer clothes at thrift stores, flea markets and estate sales.

4 Get a Rewards Credit Card

Only get a new credit card if you're disciplined and will pay off balances in full every month. With a rewards credit card you can earn points, miles or cashback for every purchase. If you use your credit card for groceries, gas or entertainment every month, the more points you'll accumulate which can be redeemed for statement credit, gift cards or a check. It's an excellent way to put your credit cards to work for you. And if you can save money on entertainment or food, you can deposit the difference into your savings account.

5 Borrow from the Library

Personally, I can't remember the last time I stepped foot in the library. But these establishments aren't extinct, and if you're looking for a magazine, an actual paperback book, or a movie, your local library might have these selections for checkout. You can get what you need without spending money and keep cash in your pocket. In fact, some libraries even have a party room that's cheap or free to rent, as long as your event takes place during library hours.

6 Learn How to Say 'no'

If you can learn how to say 'no,' you'll save money. This might include resisting peer pressure when friends encourage you to spend money, or declining invitations to events that'll cost too much money. Also, don't be afraid to let someone know you can't lend them money.

7 Learn How to Sew

You might be surprised to learn that many fashionable items can be easily re-created with a sewing machine and a little skill. Take a sewing class and you can save money with one-of-a-kind outfits. It doesn't take much to buy fabric or a pattern, and once you learn the art of making a skirt, dress, pants and other items, you may never want to buy full price again.

There are creative ways to save money. And the more you save, the easier it'll be to reach savings goals such as buying a house, paying off debt or building an emergency cushion. What are other money-saving hacks that'll work at any age?

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