Shopping Habits What Kind of Spender Are You?


Shopping Habits What Kind of Spender Are You?
Shopping Habits What Kind of Spender Are You?

We all love to shop – surely no one is going to argue with that? But have you ever thought about your particular shopping habits? What idiosyncrasies do you demonstrate when you’re spending your pennies?

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Online Ogglers

These children of the internet are constantly connected, and are looking for a deal. This type of spender is looking for the absolute lowest price or just hates shopping in a store with their retail pricing and all the, well, people. They can find a great deal on nearly anything…car parts, clothes, computers, phones…because they know the right sources and know how to use the search engines efficiently. These people are always connected to the internet one way or another. Internet filters at work? HA! That’s what smart phones are for.


Groupon Groupie

Not only does everyone else have to get on the deal with these shoppers, but the deal has to be very good. These people won’t even look at a group offer unless at least 150 others bought it too, and if the discount isn’t more than 50% it’s not even worth looking at. They know all the group sites on the internet and TV, and may even be found watching the latest jewelry offer on the tube (only 500 available at this price!) while scanning for new offers on the laptop and smartphone, all at the same time.


Haggling Hammerheads

This person will give you a tongue-lashing over 50 cents. It might come to physical blows if a dollar in involved. These discount shoppers try to talk everyone down on their price for anything they buy-from restaurant meal to a new suit jacket! They may look for a tiny flaw as a reason to haggle, or they may offer to buy more than one if the price was right. They plan their weekends around garage sales or flea markets, and see pre-priced items as mere suggestions, not what the item actually costs.


The Coupon Clippers

Coupons are everywhere - newspapers, ad flyers, online, and in-store as well. Couponers are usually very organized and disciplined, and no newspaper is safe. Coupons may be stuffed in boxes, pasted to the fridge, placed in their own special compartment in a purse, or organized into special coupon holders. They expend a great deal of energy to save those 25 cents. They may not have needed the item featured in the coupon, but they might need it some day! After all, can you really ever have enough toilet paper or large bags of cat litter?


The Spending Specialists

These people have one default action to anything new, and that’s BUY IT. There is no off button in their heads. Like it, buy it, end of story. To them, the credit crunch never happened. They are experts at explaining away even the most obscure of purchases, rationalizing on all its possible uses. The problem is, a lot of things they buy never get used, and these people are notorious for having closest full of clothes with tags still on them, or garages full of tools that never see the light of day.


The Hapless Hipsters

They are usually found in groups, hanging out in coffee shops, or in vintage or second hands stores. They seek out bargains and adore Bohemian designs that reflect their unconventional style. However, while they shun big brands and box stores like the plague, they are often seen with iPhones, tablets, or any other technology that the current rage, usually issued from a decidedly Big Brand. Then, these discerning shoppers Instagram that lovely vintage relic and pin it to their boards.


The Fussy Full-Pricers

These shoppers never look for a bargain, and are happy to pay the full price for anything. They truly believe that the higher the price, the better the value. They buy the popular branded goods, supposedly because they are better quality than those that are not branded. They deny that they are walking billboards for these products, even though they may take hysterical stances just be sure the brand is noticed. They often wear their sunglasses, even when they’re inside, just so that everyone can see they are Ray-Bans.


The Diehard Dinosaurs

They never buy anything online, and they never will. They’ve always gone to the same store for year and years, so why change now? When you walk into a store with them, you’ll hear all the sales staff and even the management call them by name. Of course, because they are so loyal and everyone knows who they are, they often think this entitles them to loyalty discounts. Don’t even suggest they go to a new grocery store, they won’t even think of it. Changing their habits is as hard as, well, moving a dinosaur.


The Leave-Me-Aloners

They just want to get in and out of the store. They find no joy whatsoever in shopping. They don’t want to chit chat, they don’t want help. Don’t ask them if they need anything because you’ll always get no for an answer-although if they do need someone’s help, someone had better be close by because these people don’t want to spend all day looking for help. They often settle for the first thing they see that fits their needs, but they never really complain if they don’t like the product. Anything that gets them out of the store as fast as possible!


The Five Finger Discounters

These shoppers always like to try out the product before buying it. They are often found in oversized clothing, big enough to stuff merchandise into undetected. They try to stand outside the peripheral vision of the staff, waiting for the opportunity to make their move. The trouble is, stores tend to look unkindly on these types of discounts and these shoppers are likely to have a long police record. The stores call it stealing, for some strange reason.

Time to fess up ladies – what kind of shopper are you?

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I love online shopping! :)

So do I. I really love the brands but I hate paying full price even more.

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